Light Source Laryngoscope from Medicon

Light Source Laryngoscope from Medicon

The Departments of Anaesthesia and Central Sterilisation of the Medical Faculty at the University of Amsterdam conducted an experiment in order to establish the illuminating power of KL laryngoscopes after repeated sterilisation.

Laryngoscopes from various manufacturers, including MEDICON, were tested. Light intensity was measured after 25 runs. A total of 200 sterilisation runs were performed.

The results of this study showed that vapour sterilisation at 134 degrees C has different effects on the laryngoscopes made by various manufacturers. This is particularly clear in terms of light intensity. Serious differences were sometimes recorded (considerable residual light intensity) following repeated sterilisation.

Two manufacturers stood out to a considerable degree. MEDICON’s KL2000 series laryngoscope came into this category. MEDICON’s laryngoscope was also top regarding initial light intensity.

MEDICON offers various models of laryngoscope (according to MACINTOSH, FOREGGER, MILLER) in a wide range of sizes.

In the case of the KL laryngoscopes, battery and accu handles are available. The accu units are loaded contact-free via inductive loading devices. 

The best safety ratios are obtained with 3.0 volt Xenon lamps. The light performance of a Xenon lamp is, for instance, three times greater than that of a standard halogen lamp.

Medicon also has numerous warm light laryngoscopes in its product range in addition to light source laryngoscopes.