MC 4 Plus Blood Coagulometer from Merlin Medical

MC 4 Plus Blood Coagulometer from Merlin Medical

The MC4plus is a semi-automatic 4-channel ball coagulometer for laboratories with medium sample throughput with mechanical and (optionally) optical detection.

The equipment as well as the integrated calculator corresponds to the equipment of the MC10plus, in short: it is a perfectly aligned system, flexible and fast.

The measurement is startet with the 3-volume automatic pipette or alternatively with an automatic HandyStep® pipette.

The start reagents are placed in an incubation and preheating area of exactly 37.2°C. For the test samples there are 2 rows with preparation stations as well as one row with incubation stations. Up to 4 samples can be handled in one work step. The storage of calibration curves and patient data is naturally possible.


The MC4plus can be refitted with a 1-channel photometer with 2 selectable wavelengths (405 / 650 nm). For the optical measuring method there are various kinds of detecting a clotting reaction respectively the following test value determination.

Here the measuring time also starts by adding the start reagent, only the measuring methods are different. Up to 32 variants are possible.

The CoagVIEW® software represents the photometer data graphically.