MÖLLER 3-1000 Microsurgical Operating System

The advanced microsurgical operating system MÖLLER 3-1000 allows operations with only minimal force through sensoric activation of the motoric drive. Balancing of the
microscope is not needed - for the floor stand it requires the push of one button only.


  • SensoServo drive via SensoGrip
  • Adjustable inertia and friction to ideally match the movement of microscope and stand
  • Working distance of 224 to 510 mm
  • Power zoom 1:6
  • Diaphragms against glare
  • Switchable enhancer of the depth of field
  • Computer control of all motorized functions
  • Sensor aided, motorized balancing
  • Extreme arm length of 1.6 m
  • Bidirectional RS 232 interface for navigation
  • Ready for ICG fluorescence (optional) 
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