MVX10 Macroview Stereo Microscopes from Olympus

MVX10 Macroview Stereo Microscopes from Olympus

The MVX10 MacroView is a research Macro Zoom Fluorescence Microscope. The MVX10 addresses the tradeoffs between stereo and compound imaging systems, offering high numerical apertures from a compound microscope along with long working distances and larger fields of view from a stereo microscope.


  • High fluorescence efficiency plus stereo observation.
  • Seamless observation from 4x to 125x.
  • Zoom factor up to 31 times.
  • Long working distance for observation at optimum magnification.
  • Maximum specimen protection due to short exposure time.
  • Complete system solutions for optimized recordings.


The MVX is a mono zoom microscope designed specifically for fluorescence imaging. Featuring a large diameter single zoom optical path, the MVX is optimized to collect light with unprecedented efficiency and resolution at all its magnifications. The MVX gives the user maximum flexibility in observing the specimen without switching objectives. A series of parfocal objectives is also available along with a dual nosepiece. This allows the user to utilize the full zoom range of two objectives by easily rotating one or the other into the light path. Using the 0.63x and 2x objectives and 10x eyepieces on the MVX10 gives an effective zoom range of 4x to 126x, or a 31:1 ratio that takes your field of view from 55mm to 1.74mm.


Allows the eyepiece to be inclined from 0º to 23º for maximum user comfort and offers a two position optical path selector for either 100% to the binocular tubes or 100% to the camera. This is a specially designed observation tube with a unique pupil separation optical path that can deliver a stereo-like image to the eyepieces. The stereo effect can be selected “on” or “off” via a slider mechanism.