MX20 X-ray Imaging System from Faxitron

MX20 X-ray Imaging System from Faxitron

The easy-to-operate MX20 is utilized in scientific laboratories worldwide to produce highly detailed radiographs of many various types of samples.

The entire system - consisting of a self-contained x-ray unit, workstation, monitior, mouse and keyboard - can be located directly on a lab bench top or housed on a heavy duty mobile cart, depending on your facility and workflow requirements.

The <20µm focal spot and 5X geometric magnification provide up to 50lp/mm resolution images.


  • Depending on field of view and throughput needs, the MX-20 can be equipped with our 12 cm x 12 cm digital camera or our CR reader with a field of view up to 10″ x 12″ (25.4 cm x 30.5 cm).
  • Both options offer exceptional spatial and contrast resolution in contact mode. Magnification allows for spatial resolution of up to 50 lp/mm.
  • In pathology labs, the digital system provides on-the-spot images in seconds.  Results are faster for the patient, doctor, and staff. 
  • In research laboratories, the 5X geometric magnification capabilities deliver ultra-high resolution images of small animals and seeds.
  • The entire system – self-contained x-ray unit, workstation, monitor, mouse and keyboard – is available in a mobile configuration, housed on a heavy-duty cart.