Mikro 120 Benchtop Centrifuge from Hettich

Mikro 120 Benchtop Centrifuge from Hettich

A compact and dependable micro-centrifuge requiring very little bench space. The small, powerful Hettich Mikro 120 offers a 24-place rotor for microliter tubes making it the perfect tabletop centrifuge for all your research applications.

Hettich Mikro 120 Features:

  • Ultra compact with small footprint
  • 24 place microliter angled rotor 
  • Auto-imbalance detection and shut-off
  • Metal lid-lock assembly
  • Motor overheating protection


Quick-entry foil keypad

  • Easy-to-read, digital display
  • Display of current parameter values
  • Impulse key for short centrifuging
  • Open lid key

Easy entry of the parameters

  • RPM in increments of 100
  • Running time in minutes, max. 99 min


  • Lid locking and holding
  • Emergency lid lock release
  • Motor overheating protection
  • Imbalance switch-off
  • Standstill indication


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