Mini VIDAS Immunoanalyzer from Biomerieux

Mini VIDAS Immunoanalyzer from Biomerieux

The VIDAS range is greatly appreciated worldwide for its simplicity, flexibility and accuracy.

Timeless VIDAS Values:

  • Single-dose, ready-to-use reagents (1 patient = 1 test)

  • All inclusive reagent kits

  • System robustness (MTBF > 700 days)

  • Calibration every 14 days

  • Automated barcode identification

  • Just Load and Go

Flexibility, where and when you need it:

  • Two independent 6-test sections

  • Processing of different parameters simultaneously

  • Adapted to STAT testing

  • (Troponin I, Myoglobin, CK-MB, hCG, Digoxin…)

  • Large routine menu (up to 80 parameters in Immunochemistry and infectious diseases)

  • Packaging suited to different test volumes (30 or 60 tests)


  • No cross-contamination

  • Reference tests : HIV DUO ULTRA, D-Dimer ExclusionTM, Toxo Avidity

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