Model 400 Hybridization Incubator from Scigene

The original hybridization oven developed by Robbins Scientific now manufactured by SciGene. Durable, high precision rotating convection oven for Northern blot and Southern blot hybridizations and other applications. Proven performance with over 5,000 installed worldwide since 1990.


  • Temperature controlled to ± 0.2°C with no hot/cold spots 
  • Heats to 99.0°C for special applications
  • Adjustable rotation to 20 RPM
  • Jog switch adjusts rotator position for easy sample loading
  • Stainless steel chamber with removable drip pan
  • Rotators easily drop-in and lift-out without tools
  • Simple temperature calibration for CLIA validation
  • The Standard Rotator for the Model 400 Hybridization Incubator holds up to ten 35x300mm or twenty 35x150mm hybridization tubes.
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