MultiVision Neurosurgical Microscope from Zeiss

OPMI® Neuro MultiVision from Carl Zeiss offers the surgeon the ability to harness the information and technology revolution taking place in the operating room. 

MultiVision has the ability to directly accept both video and computer signals. The surgeon receives all important information ‘online’ in much the same way as a pilot does from the various display instruments in the cockpit of his plane.


  • Cutting edge, high resolution micro-display technology.
  • Flexible design allowing the surgical team complete configuration freedom.
  • Perfectly integrated - no cumbersome or limiting external accessories.
  • Crisp, beautiful images with outstanding contrast, color reproduction and brilliance.
  • Controlled by a single, easy-to-use button or foot switch.
  • Superimposing of diagnostic and planning data from all major image guided systems.
  • Image injection of any NTSC or PAL video signal.
  • MultiVision is an option for either the NC4 Ceiling Mount or the NC4 Floorstand.
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