NBM 200 Hemoglobinometer from LMB

NBM 200  offers a unique, breakthrough non-invasive solution for (Hb) measurements. This outstanding technology offers a non-invasive solution for online, continuous and spot Hb measurements. The system is suited for use in a variety of clinical environments, including preoperative and critical care, emergency medicine, blood donation facilities, women's  health and the primary care  physician's office. This CE approved technology  was tested on over 5.000 patients and donors in Europe and in the U.S. It exhib­its accuracy  comparable to invasive point of care solutions while demonstrating  clear superiority in safety, speed  and ease  of use.


  • Accurate - hemoglobin  measurements
  • Non-invasive - painless, no infection risk
  • Fast results - at point of care
  • Easy to use - no calibration  needed
  • Cost effective - reusable  probe
  • No handling of biohazard material
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