OPMI Lumera T Surgical Microscope from Zeiss

OPMI Lumera T Surgical Microscope from Zeiss

The new OPMI Lumera® T surgical microscopes from Carl Zeiss feature revolutionary red reflex technology. Experience the red reflex in an entirely new way: more contrast, brilliance and stability than ever before.The OPMI Lumera® T surgical microscope is a true revolution in the quality of illumination. Carl Zeiss is the first and only company to develop  surgical microscopes with Stereo Coaxial Illumination (SCI™).

Instant red reflex

Simply position the OPMI Lumera T surgical microscope over the patient’s eye and turn on the light. The eye illuminates brightly as if you had just turned on a lamp – even with more mature cataracts.

Natural color impression

The integrated Superlux® Eye xenon illumination allows to see the anatomic structure of the eye in its natural colors and highly accurate detail. The use of the HaMode™ filter enables surgeons who prefer halogen to quickly switch to a light spectrum equivalent to halogen. This is particularly beneficial when several surgeons with different preferences regarding the light source use one system.