OPMI Lumera i Surgical Microscope from Zeiss

OPMI Lumera i Surgical Microscope from Zeiss

The new OPMI Lumera® i surgical microscope from Carl Zeiss ensures clarity – in two different ways. A revolutionary technology enables you to experience the red reflex with more contrast and stability than ever before. The entire OR workflow is now at the fingertips due to the interface to the innovative CALLISTO eye® OR management system.

A stable red reflex – without compromises

The targeted surgical area shines brightly and vividly as if you had just turned on a lamp, even with strongly pigmented, decentered and ametropic eyes when OPMI Lumera i is positioned over the patient’s eye.

Even deeper insights – without adjustments 

DeepView, the integrated depth of field management system allows you to optimize the microscope in seconds. At the push of a button, you switch between maximum transmission and maximum depth of field – whatever is required.

Light – without interruption

The system automatically detects a defective halogen bulb. The backup is immediately turned on, eliminating the time required for manual replacement.