OPMI Pentero C Neurosurgical Microscope from Carl Zeiss

OPMI Pentero C, the latest introduction in ceiling mounted visualization technologies has been designed to maximize operating room space, enhancing operative workflow and efficiency.

Neurosurgery at its best:

No more equipment space constraints. OPMI Pentero C creates a seamless flow of OR mobility and time efficiency. The focus is on the surgical application essentials laying the foundation for neurosurgery at its best.

Always within reach:

OPMI Pentero C is optimally positioned on a ceiling mount relative to the operating table at all times. Its fixed yet flexible position promotes procedural reproducibility enhancing the surgical workflow.

All that is needed is the push of a button to release the brakes and lower OPMI Pentero C into the operating mode. System activation has never been so easy.

The surgical microscope can be moved upward with ease out of the field of view and working area – yet always within reach to engage into operating mode instantly.

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