OPMI Pentero Neurosurgical Microscope from Carl Zeiss

OPMI Pentero Neurosurgical Microscope from Carl Zeiss

The surgical microscope OPMI Pentero for neurosurgery, ENT and spine surgery uniquely combines solutions for basic requirements with a variety of additional benefits: intra-operative fluorescence, integration of the entire digital video chain, integration of the surgical microscope into the hospital's information and communication infrastructure and user-friendly solutions for OR staff.


State-of-the-art apochromatic optics deliver the legendary crystal-clear images, sharp details and natural colors associated with Carl Zeiss. The innovative optical design, with a new Varioskop, provides a larger working range and virtually ensures comfortable working conditions - even when using long instruments. The depth of field has been increased by 17% and can be doubled by activating the DeepView function.

Ergonomical working conditions:

Ergonomically correct design for cranial, spinal and posterior fossa procedures. Whether the surgeon remains standing or seated, a surgical microscope must not cause hindrance or fatigue. The 30% more compact design of OPMI Pentero allows for freedom of hand and instrument movement while providing a short distance to the surgical field. Thanks to its overhead design, the suspension system can be placed in any position - even behind the surgeon.

Focus at the push of a button:

The high-speed autofocus automatically delivers razor-sharp images at all times, regardless of magnification. An intuitive laser-focusing aid assists in selecting the exact focal point - particularly helpful when using the mouth switch.