OPMI VISU 160 Surgical Microscope from Zeiss

OPMI VISU 160 Surgical Microscope from Zeiss

OPMI® VISU 160 was designed specifically for hospitals that perform a broad spectrum of procedures in ophthalmic surgery.The versatile configuration and accessories are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of the surgeon.

Deep View

DeepView is new and unique to surgical microscopes. It delivers versatility and complete control.

With a push of a button, surgeons can choose the type of microscope image they want to see through the OPMI® VISU 160. When DeepView is activated, OPMI® VISU 160 is able to deliver razor-sharp depth perception with every magnification. Deactivate DeepView to provide optimum light transmission for a bright image with high resolution - even with low illumination.

Integrated slit illumination

OPMI® VISU 160 is also equipped with integrated slit illumination, providing extraordinary detail recognition. True retro-illumination during lens extraction, for example, is just one of the benefits.


The long arm of the OPMI VISU 160

The S7 floor stand, winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award for outstanding design quality, and its counterpart, the S7 ceiling mount.

Floor stand vs. Ceiling mount

Which of the two is a better fit depends on your personal requirements and how much room is available. Something common to both is the outstanding reach of the arm (120 cm radius).