ORCA-Flash2.8 Life Sciences Camera from Hamamatsu

ORCA-Flash2.8  Life Sciences Camera from Hamamatsu

The ORCA-Flash2.8 holds its own in high speed fluorescent applications and excels when resolution is essential. When coupled with a 0.5x c–mount adapter, the ORCA-Flash2.8 pixel size is comparable to classic cooled CCDs, while achieving faster frame rates, larger field of view and better SNR (at green wavelengths), at a fraction of the cost. The ORCA-Flash2.8 is a great performer at an unbeatable price. 


  • High-speed readout with low noise
  • Lower readout noise than cooled CCD camera
  • Low noise and fast readout time simultaneously
  • Low dark current
  • High image quality (no fixed pattern noise)
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