ORCA-R2 Life Sciences Camera from Hamamatsu

ORCA-R2 Life Sciences Camera from Hamamatsu

The famous ER-150 CCD chip with a peak QE over 70 % and significant noise reduction from advanced cooling and circuit design a dynamic range of up to 6000:1 is possible in this interline transfer camera. Combined with the Hamamatsu proprietary hermetic vacuum-sealed chamber technology this camera offers long term maintenance free operation for the most demanding applications and environments.

Additional software selectable features make the camera suitable for almost any scientific application. Simply select your choice of water or air cooling, 12 bit or 16 bit digitizer, high light or low light mode, 14 MHz or 28 MHz readout speed and you have the right camera for life science microscopy, semiconductor imaging, X-ray scintillator readout or industrial maging.


  • Maximum  Q.E.  :  over  70  %
  • Readout  speed  :  16.2  frames/s
  • Cooling  temperature  :  -  40  °C
  • Dual  scan  mode
  • Dual  light  mode
  • Dual  A/D  converter
  • Superior  air  cooling
  • IEEE1394b  interface


  • Fluorescence  microscopy
  • Live  cells  expressing  GFP
  • Red  to  NIR  fluorescence  application
  • Ratio  imaging
  • Fluorescence  in  situ  hybridization  (FISH)
  • IR-DIC  and  fluorescence  imaging
  • Cell,  tissue,  pathology
  • Time  lapse  fluorescence  imaging
  • TIRF  microscopy,  real-time  confocal  microscopy
  • Failure  analysis
  • Semiconductor  inspection
  • X-ray  scintillator  readout
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