Optyse Ophthalmoscope from Ophthalmos

The Optyse is a patented and multi award-winning direct ophthalmoscope that delivers the same precise results as other direct ophthalmoscopes but without lenses. The result, is a pen-sized instrument that enables front-line medical staff and students to:

  • conveniently carry it around with them in their bag or pocket
  • not worry damaging or breaking it, as it is made from durable materials
  • not worry about configuration every time they want to use it
  • simply turn it on and begin examinations.

The Optyse ophthalmoscope utilises the cornea and lens of the eye under observation to produce a magnified image of the retina. The Optyse includes patented features that provide even illumination of the eye and reduce stray light and flare which can degrade image quality. The images obtained through using the Optyse are non-inverted and the magnification is typically 15x (depending on the eye under observation).

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