Prima SP2 from Penlon

The Prima SP2 with integrated AV-S Ventilator and A200SP Absorber provides the user with an easy to use, advanced anaesthesia system.

  • Seamless workstation integration
  • Modular construction and GCX™ channel mounting provides open architecture for monitors and accessories
  • Up to four gases
  • Two or three station Selectatec backbar
  • Lockable drawer and pull out writing tablet
  • Low cost of ownership - two preventive maintenance services per year

Optional Features

  • Dual oxygen, nitrous oxide, and air flowmeters
  • Electrical outlets plus flowmeter and work surface lighting
  • Oxygen auxiliary flowmeter

Balanced ultra low flow anaesthesia, plus patient safety with proven Mechanical AHD system

  • 50 – 75 ml/min minimum oxygen flow
  • 25 – 33% minimum Oxygen / Nitrous Oxide flow Prima
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