Retiga-2000DC Scientific Camera from QImaging

The QImaging Retiga™ 2000DC CCD digital camera fully supports low-light fluorescence, high-dynamic-range, high-speed and polarization applications.


  • HPR Technology
  • Black-Out Mode turns all lights off for low-light imaging applications
  • Three-stage Peltier cooling
  • cooling to -45C (changeable in 1 degree increments)
  • Kodak Sensor KAI-2020
  • 1600 X 1200 pixels
  • 7.4µm x 7.4µm pixel size
  • Linear full well 80,000e-
  • QE 55% at 500nm
  • Binning up to 8x8
  • ROI continuously variable in single-pixel increments
  • External trigger
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