S-3400N Scanning Electron Microscope from Hitachi

S-3400N Scanning Electron Microscope from Hitachi

The new Hitachi S-3400N Variable Pressure SEM has been developed by improving the design of the S-3000N VP SEM which has been well accepted in the world market. It allows the study of wet, oily, and/or non-conductive samples without metal coating or other complicated specimen preparation techniques.

New hardware and software functions have been developed after listening to our user,s requests for better imaging, larger sample sizes, analytical capabilities,higher throughput and easy to use.

Better electron optics, larger specimen chamber, faster, cleaner evacuation system and fully automated software are just a few of the new features of the S-3400N. Due to a newly designed TMP evacuation system, no cooling water is necessary. It takes less than 100 seconds to exchange a specimen and 6 minutes to reach ready status from a cold start. It requires only 2.0kVA for the power supply. The S-3400N will be a new world standard in the middle class Variable Pressure SEM.


  • Revolutionary automatic alignment functions (Auto Beam Setting, Auto Aperture Alignment, etc.)
  • Better resolution of 10nm at 3kV
  • Real time full screen image, dual image and signal mixing
  • Newly developed high sensitivity solid state type BSE detector
  • Computer eucentric, 5-axes motorized stage with -20/+90 degrees tilt (Type II)
  • Can accommodate samples as tall as 80mm for elemental analysis(Type II)
  • Analytical specimen chamber with optimum geometry for simultaneous accommodation of EDS, WDS and EBSD
  • High throughput, less floor space, less electric power consumption, with no cooling water requirement due to TMP evacuation system
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