SMZ1500 Stereo Microscope from Nikon

Nikon's top-of-the-line stereo microscope, the SMZ1500 was designed with life scientists in mind. It covers a zoom range from 0.75x to 11.25x, and offers sophisticated accessories that rival that of advanced compound microscopes. This allows the scientist to see and photograph any specimen, from macro views to high-magnification micro visualization.


Optional External Illuminators for Opaque Objects:

Various kinds of illuminators such as a Plastic Fiber-Optic Ring Illuminator, Plastic Fiber-Optic Bifurcated Illuminator, 6V-10W/20W Halogen Illuminator, or a Fluorescent Ring Illuminator are available to meet requirements for reflected external illumination.

Wide Magnification Range:

Depending on the combination of eyepieces and objective chosen, the SMZ1500 provides a total magnification range from 3.75x to 540x. This allows you to select the best magnification to match your application, extending from the macro to the micro range.

Undistorted Images:

Producing images that cause less strain on your eyes was one goal of Nikon's ergonomic design. We tackled the problems usually associated with stereoscopic microscopes, such as surface irregularities and the apparent bulging of objects, and solved these to a high degree by minimizing the distortion in these lenses. Now you can view stereoscopic images that appear natural-looking right out to the periphery.

Coaxial Coarse/fine Focusing Unit:

The SMZ1500 comes with a coaxial coarse/fine focusing unit that travels smoothly along the optical axis. Its new anti-backlash mechanism makes fine adjustments of focus easier and more accurate. A built-in counterbalance ensures easy movements even when a weighty attachment such as a photomicrographic system is mounted. Furthermore, the focus knob is soft to the touch and located in a comfortable, low position.

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