SMZ660 Stereo Microscope from Nikon

Nikon's SMZ660 stereo microscope was developed specially to meet the needs of customers who demand more advanced features and higher performance at lower prices. The patented Nikon three "A" design (Airtight, Anti-mold and Anti-electrostatic) ensures peace of mind under any operating environment.


6.3x Zoom Ratio Offers Magnifications from 0.8x to 5x:

By using twin zooming objective optics developed exclusively by Nikon, the SMZ660 incorporates a convenient 6.3x zoom ratio, enabling observations at just the right magnification to match the sample. The zooming knob also features click-stops which allow changes in magnification in 1x intervals from 1x to 4x without removing your eye from the eyepiece. And since it is easy to maintain the same magnification, efficiency is ensured whether you are using the microscope by yourself or sharing it in a laboratory situation.

Diascopic Stand With Large Diameter Stage Glass:

The diameter of the stage glass in the diascopic stand has been widened to make it possible to view samples even in large Petri dishes.

Ergonomic Auxiliary Objective For Correct Eye-level Positioning:

Nikon has also developed a new G-AL ERG ergonomic auxiliary objective that is freely adjustable to match the operator’s eye level for comfortable viewing. The microscopes also have 0.5x, 0.7x, 1.5x, and 2x auxiliary objectives, which boast long working distances to improve work efficiency.


The SMZ660 is designed to discharge static electricity buildup within the microscope almost instantly. This prevents samples from becoming damaged, ensuring higher yields and lowering production costs for your products. An optional ESD stage plate is also available for greater anti-electrostatic effects.

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