SOLO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator from Invacare

SOLO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator from Invacare

The Invacare SOLO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the latest addition to Invacare's proven line of oxygen therapy products. Providers and patients have a choice of ambulatory systems from Invacare, the world leader in oxygen. Designed to help providers meet the needs of oxygen patients in nearly any setting, the SOLO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator features continuous flow at 1-3 LPM and pulse dose 1-5. It is small, quiet and reliable, giving patients the freedom to go just about anywhere without fear of running out of oxygen. 

The Invacare SOLO2 concentrator features Invacare® Sensi-Pulse™ Technology that customizes the size of each bolus of oxygen to meet patient demand. Whether sleeping, relaxing or exercising, Sensi-Pulse technology adapts to the patient's oxygen needs. Sensitive conserver, sensible design...Sensi-Pulse Technology. 

Features :

  • Continuous flow and Pulse dose settings 1-5 meet the needs of a broad range of patients 
  • Battery, AC or DC operation for patient convenience 
  • No separate battery charger needed; charge battery with either the AC or DC adapter 
  • Wheeled cart included with every SOLO2 concentrator kit 
  • Invacare Sensi-Pulse Technology

Provider Benefits 

  • Latest addition to Invacare's proven history of durable, reliable oxygen technologies 
  • Clinically robust design to keep patients oxygenated at all levels of activity 
  • A great alternative or adjunct to the Invacare® HomeFill® oxygen system to fill all oxygen product needs 
  • Supports a non-delivery business model for lower operating costs

Patient Benefits 

  • Easy to read control panel; no lights or codes to interpret 
  • Designed for ease of use 
  • No fear of running out of oxygen 
  • Encourages mobility, travel and independence 
  • Continuous flow and pulse settings provide maximum flexibility 
  • FAA approved
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