SU1510 Scanning Electron Microscope from Hitachi

The SU1510 is a medium size chamber Variable Pressure SEM with the same performance and features as the S-3400N and S-3700N models. Quad Bias gun electronics greatly improves low voltage performance and increases beam current well suited for today's SDD X-ray detectors. Dual high-take-off ports accommodate two EDS detectors mounted 180 degrees apart for tice the analytical data collection plus eliminates X-ray map shadows associated with rough sample surfaces. A high speed, clean, efficient TMP eliminates the need for water cooling.

Compact, high performance and easy to use makes the SU1510 a great general purpose VPSEM for any advanced laboratory.


  • Turbo Molecular Pump (TMP) is standard. As an oil-free pumping system, sample contamination is minimised. Unlike conventional oil diffusion pumped SEM, it does not require large heating capacity or water re-circulator, making it an energy saving ecological SEM.
  • To assist inexperienced users the SU1510 includes an on-screen operation guide that walks the user step by step through the complete imaging process - from vacuum mode selection to image capture. This unique feature allows users of all experience levels to quickly obtain high quality images.
  • The advanced technologies incorporated into the SU1510 provide a guaranteed secondary electron resolution of 3.0nm (high vacuum mode) and a guaranteed backscattered electron resolution of 4.0nm (variable pressure mode).
  • For quick observation of non-conductive samples the SU1510 utilizes variable pressure mode that eliminates negative charging, and provides the optimum conditions for both imaging and EDX microanalysis.
  • The specimen chamber and stage have been designed to accommodate samples as large as 153mm in diameter. Simultaneous EDX microanalysis and imaging can be completed on a sample that is up to 60mm in height at the analytical working distance of 15mm.
  • The ESED-II is optionally available if secondary electron imaging in variable pressure mode is desired. This detector is integrated into the GUI of the SU1510 and is completely software driven with all automatic features ready for instant use by the operator.
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