Synergy 2 Alpha Microplate Reader from BioTek

Synergy 2 Alpha is a microplate reader dedicated to the life science research applications of Alpha-based assay technologies (e.g. AlphaScreen®, AlphaLISA®, SureFire®). Its unique optical design makes it the most cost-effective Alpha reader on the market. In addition, Synergy 2 Alpha can be upgraded with other detection modes, such as UV-visible absorbance, fluorescence intensity, luminescence and more to accommodate a broad range of microplate applications. Whether you are looking for a dedicated Alpha reader, or a high-performance multimode reader, Synergy 2 Alpha has been designed to meet your needs.


  • Low cost / high performance Alpha optics combines Tungsten Halogen light source with ultra low noise PMT detector.
  • Comes with pre-programmed protocol files, sample data, and detailed application notes
  • Proven sensitivity: limit of detection <100 amol of biotinylated-LCK-P peptide, 25 µL/well in 384-well plate, on par with dedicated laser-based detection systems
  • Ideal for life science research applications of Alpha-based assays
  • Upgradeable to Multi-Mode functionality: available detection modules include UV-Visible absorbance, fluorescence intensity, luminescence, fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence and dual reagent dispenser.
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