Synergy H4 Hybrid Multi-Mode Microplate Reader from BioTek

Synergy™ H4 with Hybrid Technology™ is a patented multi-mode detector that combines the optical systems of Synergy Mx and Synergy 2 in one compact instrument. It is the ideal instrument for research and drug discovery applications when having to choose between flexibility and performance is not an option. The monochromator-based optics provides a high level of flexibility; any wavelength can be used from the low UV to the near infrared. The quadruple grating optical system, equipped with a variable bandpass selection system, is ideal for spectral scanning applications. The filter-based optics use dichroic mirrors for enhanced performance. This system is faster and more sensitive than the monochromator optics. A dual reagent dispenser option is available for inject and read assays such as flash luminescent assays and fluorescent ion channel assays. Additional read modes include: fluorescence polarization, time resolved fluorescence and AlphaScreen/AlphaLISA.


  • Hybrid Technology™: Synergy™ H4 combines the sensitivity of a fi lter-based system with the convenience of monochromator-based optics to provide the broadest range of applications available on the market today.
  • Detection modes: Fluorescence Intensity, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, Fluorescence Polarization, AlphaScreen®/ AlphaLISA, Luminescence, UV-Visible absorbance, FRET, TR-FRET, BRET, well area scanning and spectral scanning.
  • Modular and upgradeable architecture: Read modes are available as individual modules for cost-effectiveness and peace of mind.
  • Quadruple mono system and variable bandpass selection: Synergy H4 optics incorporates two double-grating monochromators. This quadruple design provides the best in spectral scanning performance and fl exibility.
  • Deep blocking fi lters and dichroic mirrors: Synergy H4’s fi lter/ dichroic combination provides the best possible performance in fl uorescence, time resolved fl uorescence and fl uorescence polarization applications.
  • Compatible with Take3 Plate with 2 μL microspots: Enables low volume 260 nm nucleic acid quantification
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