Synergy Mx Monochromator-Based Multi-Mode Microplate Reader from BioTek

Ultra Fine-Tuned™ technology is what sets the Synergy Mx Multi-Mode Reader apart. Its quadruple monochromator system selects wavelengths with a repeatability of plus or minus 0.2 nm. Its top optical head can focus up and down on the samples with a 100 µm resolution. Four slits on the excitation and emission side provide a choice of 16 bandpass combinations for every wavelength pair. Its advanced 4-Zone™ temperature control system incubates up to 65°C with a precision of ± 0.5°C at 37°C. These unique features and BioTek’s exclusive focus on microplate instrumentation and software make the Synergy Mx the most precise, sensitive and flexible multi-mode microplate reader available today for life-science research applications.


  • Fully monochromator-based with quadruple grating architecture for Ultra Fine-Tuned performance.
  • Compatible with Take3 Multi-Volume Plate: sixteen 2 µL microspots for low volume DNA/RNA 260 nm measurements. Saves precious samples, very fast and simple process.
  • High performance fluorescence (top and bottom), absorbance and dedicated luminescence detection systems accommodate all life-science research microplate applications.
  • Variable bandpass selection adds flexibility in fluorescence mode.
  • Automated Z-height adjustment accommodates variable microplate heights and liquid levels with 100 μm resolution.
  • Cuvette port to measure standard 1-cm path cuvettes if only a few samples need to be run, or to compare data with a standard cuvette spectrophotometer.
  • Modular architecture allows purchase of required modes with the ability to upgrade later.
  • Optional dual-reagent dispenser can be used for assays requiring precise timing such as ion channel assays or luminescent flash ATP assays.
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