TR-FX Dialysis Machine from Toray

TR-FX Dialysis Machine from Toray

Closed circuit system originally invented by TORAY has been accepted worldwide as the most reliable technology for precise UF control. Based on the technologies accumulated in the TORAY group, we manufacture variety of dialysis machines and equipment. We are offering two types of single patient dialysis machines to the customers outside of Japan. TR-8000 and TR-FX provide safe and comfortable dialysis for patients and easy operation for medical staff.

  • TR-8000
  • TR-FX

Operation Panel of the machine consists of easy-tosee 5.7 inch LCD Touch Panel and easy-to-handle Control Panel. All the necessary information can be seen at a glance on the display and icons on the screen are quite easy to comprehend. Dialysis treatment parameters such as UF Goal, UF Rate, Blood Flow and Syringe Flow are easily settable on the Control panel.

Placement of each functional components (Syringe pump, Blood pump, Drip Chamber holder and Air bubble detector) is designed carefully not to disturb the operator's movements during preparation, dialysis treatment and cleaning.


Clean concentrate nozzle

The concentrate nozzle is rinsed automatically during the rinsing and disinfecting modes. 

Using diaphragm for electromagnetic valve

Reduction of fluid contamination and increased durability are realized.

Coupler nozzle cover

The coupler bypass nozzle cover prevents contamination.

Adjustment of disinfectant concentration

The dilution rate of disinfectant concentrate can be adjusted as required.

Monitoring of disinfectant concentration

The machine prevents inappropriate disinfection.

Various rinsing and disinfection pattern

The machine has 2 patterns of rinsing and 4 patterns of disinfection.

Endotoxin cut filter (option)

Endotoxin cut fi lter can be equipped with the machine. The machine has functions of ‘Automatic Leak Test’ to check the leakage and ‘Flushing’ to remove the impurities and air from inside the filter.

Hot water disinfection (option)

The machine can be disinfected and sterilized at 80 degree Celsius.