TRACE AI1200 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer from Aurora

Aurora has built a reputation as an industry leader manufacturing atomic absorption spectrometers and atomic fluorescence spectrometers. Thanks to its many customizable options, the TRACE AI1200 is also one of the most versatile atomic absorption spectrometers on the market today. What started out as a good idea has since been developed into a remarkable analytical instrument. In an industry that is becoming increasingly specialized, it is easy to recognize the advantages of an analytical instrument that offers so many possibilities in such a small space. We invite you to download the brochure and examine the many features available compared to other atomic absorption spectrometers. With true double beam optics, a transversely heated graphite furnace tube (optional) and a host of automated safety features the TRACE AI1200 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer offers a cost-effective and reliable solution for your elemental analysis requirements. Combining the TRACE AI1200 atomic absorption spectrometer with our unique Vapour Hydride Generator (F/VG or F/GF/VG configurations) allows extremely low detection limits to be achieved.


  • Switchable Single/Double Beam Optics
  • Automatic Switch Between Flame, GF Atomizer
  • Transversely Heated GF Tube
  • High Heating Rate
  • Inert Teflon Nebulizer Chamber
  • Universal XYZ Autosampler
  • Auto-aligned coded 6 lamp turret
  • On-Line Dilution
  • Built-In Power Supplies
  • Small Footprint


The TRACE AI1200 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer standard Windows Interface means a lower learning curve and reduced training costs. Our software has been designed around the philosophy that users should be able to rapidly develop methods that meet their unique requirements. This transcends to either experienced, or novice users will find our software simple and easy to use.

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