Titan Transmission Electron Microscope from FEI

The Titan's superior product design and proven ability to deliver ground-breaking results have made it the preferred scanning/transmission electron microscope  (S/TEM) of leading researchers around the world. The FEI Titan™ S/TEM family includes the world's most powerful, commercially-available S/TEMs: the Titan™ G2 60-300, Titan3™ G2 60-300, Titan Krios™ and Titan™ ETEM (environmental TEM). Built around a revolutionary 60-300 kV electron column, all Titans enable sub-Angstrom, atomic scale discovery and exploration in both TEM and STEM modes over a wide range of materials and operating conditions. 

The Titan is the first and only S/TEM designed to fully realize the benefits of corrected S/TEM. Aberration correction breaks through the fundamental optical limitations of magnetic lenses, but requires equally fundamental changes in system design to achieve the stability required for ultra high resolution imaging and analysis. The Titan's extra wide column was specifically designed to give the mechanical stability required due to the added height of probe and image correctors. Its proprietary constant power lenses and advanced power supplies provide the necessary thermal and electronic stability.

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