Titra-Max Titrator from G.R.Scientific

The Titra-Max titrator is used for the analysis of:

  • TAN (total acid number)
  • TBN (total base number)
  • Mercaptan Sulphur
  • Analysis of petroleum products, lubricants and
  • Transformer insulating oils.

Features and Benefits:

  • User friendly auto titration system.
  • User selectable End Point mode.
  • Compliant to ASTM methods for TAN/TBN analysis of oil samples. Mercaptan sulphur titration method as standard.
  • Interchangeable burette assemblies with intelligent volume recognition system.
  • Vortex mixing system for vigorous and homogeneous stirring of viscous samples.
  • Alphanumeric entry of all method parameters and sample data that ensures GLP compliance.
  • Pre-programmed ASTM methods for easy operation.
  • Two tier password protection, Administrator and User for method editing.
  • User selectable report formats – Titration analysis reports, method parameters, Data table, Titration curves, etc..
  • Full reprocessing and statistical analysis of run data including first and second derivative graphical report.
  • Balance interface for weight data transfer.
  • Data download to PC.
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