UltraFocus X-ray Imaging System from Faxitron

UltraFocus X-ray Imaging System from Faxitron

The UltraFocus X-ray Imaging System is compact and fully-shielded x-ray cabinet can be placed directly on the bench top in the lab or easy access to imaging wherever needed.

The large 23 x 29cm CMOS detector coupled with the wide energy range from 10-100kV makes the UltraFocus ideal for imaging a broad range of samples.  The <20µm focal spot and 6X geometric magnification provide 40+lp/mm resolution images.

The advanced Automatic Exposure Control allows the system to automatically select the appropriate exposure time and kV settings for the sample, with a single click of the mouse.


  • No additional X-ray shielding required
  • No specialized X-ray knowledge needed to operate
  • Plugs into any standard A/C outlet
  • Stainless steel inner chamber designed for easy cleaning
  • Laser centering guide & transparent window ensure proper sample positioning
  • Magnification shelf with field of view guides and automatic position detection provides for up to 6X geometric magnification with accurate measurements at any level
  • Single click calibration with auto object detect allows for simple, error-free calibration