VISULUX Surgical Microscope from Zeiss

VISULUX Surgical Microscope from Zeiss

VISULUX™ is a motorized fiber slit illuminator which is easily adapted to the surgical microscopes from Carl Zeiss. Through its motorized functions the surgeon can completely concentrate on the surgical field.


  • The fiber slit illuminator is an excellent instrument for membrane peeling. It also simplifies vitrectomies, the work on detached retinas and the removal of foreign bodies from the vitreous.
  • Furthermore it can also be used for surgery in the anterior segment of the eye like looking for tears on the posterior lens during cataract surgery, cornea transplantations or glaucoma surgery.

Convenient illumination

When using VISULUX as light source for retinal surgery, an endo illumination is not required. That delivers the following advantages:

  • A higher contrast image is enabled by less stray light, making the recognition of retinal membranes easier, resulting in early stage surgery
  • No sclerotomy is required to introduce the illumination to the eye
  • Bi-manual surgery is possible
  • Peripheral vitreous cutting is easily done by the surgeon himself, no assistant is needed
  • Laser coagulation under the slit illuminator is possible - no need for a special probe which saves time and costs.

Furthermore VISULUX enables a higher contrast image by less stray light, making the recognition of retinal membranes easier so that they can be surgically treated in an early stage.