Volumetric Titrator from G.R.Scientific

Volumetric Titrator from G.R.Scientific

Aquamax Karl Fischer Volumetric can be used for samples with high water content, from ppm levels up to 100% water. An iodine containing solution serves as titrating agent. The water content of the sample is calculated using the titration volume of the titrating agent. One component reagents conveniently contain all reactants (iodine, sulfur dioxide and a base) dissolved in a suitable alcohol in one solution. Two component reagents contain all necessary reactants in two different solutions to enhance the rapidity of the Karl Fischer reaction and the stability of the titrating agent.

The platinum measuring indicator electrode determines whether or not iodine needs to be added to react with any water present. The water is detected voltametrically and as long as the electrode detects water, it will electronically instruct the burette to keep adding reagent. When all the water has reacted the burette stops dispensing and the end point is reached.

With many features including automatic rest cycle (stand-by mode) if not used for 15 minutes, automatic air bubble elimination, intelligent control of drift value, connection to pc, printer, balances, etc. these titrators are also covered by a 5 year parts & labour warranty.

Very easy to use

Intuitive keypad and function guide display. The messages on the titrator display guide the user making the instrument suitable for routine analysis. 2 x 5ml high precision syringes controlled by a stepper motor which dispense the syringe volume in 40000 steps. One syringe can be used for the KF reagent and the other for automatic dosing of standard for the titre. Second syringe can also be used for other factor reagents or special reagents such as those for ketone samples.