X500 Series X-View Digital X-ray System from North Star Imaging

The 500 Series is a five-axis, universal-digital, X-Ray imaging system designed for the inspection of medium size objects.

  • Moderate-scan envelope—ideally suited for multiple small objects and larger up to 24 inches in size
  • Seamless steel/lead/steel cabinet with a fit-and-finish that is unparalleled in the industry
  • Machine Tool Technology used in the motion control system ensures a long, trouble-free life


  • Radiation shielding energies of 100kV,160kV,225kV, 320kV or 450kV constant potential.
  • Approximate dimensions: 60" deep x 70" tall x 80" long.
  • Seamless steel/lead/steel construction.
  • Cable access port with cover.
  • Large sliding access door with pressure sensitive reversing switch.  30" wide x 40" tall.
  • Lead glass viewing window.
  • Adjustable tube to detector distance.
  • Primary and secondary x-ray safety interlocks.
  • Interior lighting.
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