Zeiss Stemi DV4 Stereo Microscope from Edmund Optics

The DV4 stereo microscope from Zeiss is easy to use and convenient to transport. Images are crisp with outstanding resolution throughout the zoom range. The DV4 comes standard with a 4:1 zoom range yielding an 8X to 32X total magnification. With the addition of supplemental lenses, magnifications from 2.4X to 64X can be obtained. Direct measurements are possible with the addition of a scaled 8X/32X micrometer reticle. Imaging to a C-Mount camera or SLR camera is easy with the specific eyepiece adapters listed below. From research to industrial inspection, the DV4 will meet your requirements at a very economical price.

Three-way LED illumination is controlled by a single button and intensity levels can be continuously varied via a second touch pad button located on the base. Long-life LED illumination used for cold and white light, tiltable illuminator for incident light and built-in illuminator for transmitted light. Each controlled by electronics and contain plug-in universal power unit 12V DC 30W with input plugs for Europe, GB, USA/Japan, and Australia. A dark field illumination accessory is also available. Replacement bulbs are for previous generation halogen models.


  • 4 to 1 Zoom Range
  • 92mm Working Distance
  • Three Way LED Illumination
  • Easy to Setup and Use
  • Dark Field Illumination Available
  • Video Adaptable
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