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2004-05-27 Research program may provide parents the tools they need to prevent shaken baby syndrome 0 None
2004-05-27 Arrhythmias are more commonly associated with adults, they can affect children as well 0 None
2004-05-26 Genes and family support can buffer children against behavioral problems for which poverty puts them at risk 0 None
2004-05-25 Pregnant female asthmatics who eat oily fish may be helping to protect their children against developing asthma 0 None
2004-05-25 Three year olds and upwards should have their blood pressure checked as part of routine examinations 0 None
2004-05-25 Prenatal cocaine exposure not associated with lower full scale IQ scores 0 None
2004-05-25 Children's behaviour is linked to contact with real father 0 None
2004-05-25 £1.8m Unit for treating teenagers with cancer at University Hospital of Wales 0 None
2004-05-25 Food colourings and preservatives make kids hyperactive 0 None
2004-05-25 The rate of childhood type 2 diabetes is 13 times as high among South Asian children as it is among white children 0 None
2004-05-25 High levels of environmental pollution may increase the rates of twin births 0 None
2004-05-24 Statistics show 81 percent of 10 year-olds are afraid of being fat, while 72 percent of 7 year-olds are dieting 0 3
2004-05-24 A new guideline evaluates the treatment of infantile spasms 0 5
2004-05-24 Mothers who are concerned about their own health may unwittingly be passing their anxieties on to their children 0 None
2004-05-23 Data from Indiana youth health survey released 0 None
2004-05-22 Cochlear implant early in life helps children with hearing loss to acquire language and communication skills 0 None
2004-05-22 Suspension of the initial dose of hepatitis B vaccine appears to have contributed to fewer newborns being vaccinated in 2000 0 None
2004-05-21 Teenagers most vulnerable to the addictive lure of cigarettes 0 None
2004-05-21 Research reveals that children with mild head injury may be at risk of long-term complications 0 None
2004-05-20 Improving the care delivered to children with special health care needs 0 None
2004-05-20 Rise in type 2 diabetes rates linked to fizzy drinks 0 None
2004-05-19 Exercise reverses signs of artery disease in obese children 0 None
2004-05-19 Parents overestimate their children's use of bicycle helmets and seatbelts 0 None
2004-05-19 Fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in obese children has distinct characteristics different from those found in adults 0 None
2004-05-19 Blood pressure screening for children should start at age 3, according to the latest government diagnosis and treatment guidelines 0 None
2004-05-19 Report rejects childhood vaccines as a cause of autism 0 None
2004-05-15 Exposure to nicotine may change adolescents' brains and behavior 0 None
2004-05-14 Faster growing babies are at greater risk of heart disease and stroke 0 None
2004-05-14 Twice as many overweight children and almost three times as many overweight adolescents as there were in 1980's 0 None
2004-05-14 Breastfeeding decreases risk of heart disease later in life 0 None
2004-05-13 1 in every 10 children worldwide is obese 0 None
2004-05-13 Chromosome losses can signal an especially poor response to therapy 0 None
2004-05-12 New research finds that boys really do have more reading difficulties than girls 0 None
2004-05-12 Images of violence alter children's attitudes toward aggression 0 None
2004-05-12 Childhood conduct problems may predict depression among young adults 0 None
2004-05-12 Kids will do better with their homework and grades if parents step back 1 None
2004-05-10 Government of Canada today announced the release of A Canada Fit for Children 0 None
2004-05-10 Asthma program helps school children improve grades 0 None
2004-05-10 Underage drinking mayhem? 0 None
2004-05-10 Having an alcoholic stepfather increases risk of behavior problems in girls more than boys 0 5
2004-05-10 African American children in Los Angeles County more likely to have asthma compared to whites, Asians/Pacific Islanders, or Latinos 0 None
2004-05-09 British parents ignore skin cancer warnings 0 None
2004-05-08 Childhood asthma study reveals parental age anomaly 0 None
2004-05-06 Antidepressant drugs prescription to children and adolescents increased 300% in the nineties 0 None
2004-05-05 Embryo testing could produce babies who might aid sick siblings 0 None
2004-05-04 Parents who smoke at home much more likely to have children who suffer from asthma all year round 0 None
2004-05-04 Teens who suffered iron deficiency as infants are likely to score lower on cognitive and motor tests 0 None
2004-05-04 Blood pressure levels on rise among American children and teenagers 0 None
2004-05-03 A new book to help children with Down Syndrome develop lifelong motor skills 0 None
2004-05-03 Teenagers ignore warnings on skin cancer 0 4
2004-05-03 Breastfeeding can reduce the risk of death for infants in their first year of life 0 None
2004-05-03 AAP expands recommendations for annual influenza immunizations to include children ages 6 through 23 months 0 None
2004-05-03 New practice guidelines for treating fluid in the ears 0 None
2004-05-03 Asthmatic children receive equal quality of care regardless of race or ethnicity 0 None
2004-05-03 Early postpartum visits with pediatricians may help prevent a dangerous complication associated with jaundice 0 None
2004-05-03 Parents are increasingly placing their children in child safety restraints during automobile trips 0 None
2004-05-02 Intranasal influenza vaccine may help induce broader immunity in children than the traditional flu shot 0 None
2004-05-02 Morphine does not alleviate acute pain in preterm neonates 0 None
2004-05-02 Once expected to die in early childhood, children born with HIV are now surviving into their teens 0 None
2004-05-01 Baby's first eating habits linked to mother's eating habits 0 1
2004-05-01 Immunization back on agenda as whooping cough increases 0 None
2004-05-01 Time matters when treating fungal infections in newborns 0 None
2004-05-01 HIV test after wrong woman's breast milk given to baby 0 None


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