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2005-04-27 Children do well with shorter fast before surgery 0 None
2005-04-27 Breastfeeding causes nearly 40 percent of all pediatric HIV infections 0 None
2005-04-26 Baby gene tests safety should be checked 0 None
2005-04-23 Study shows older children can benefit from treatment of eye disorder 0 None
2005-04-23 Good communication skills can improve academic achievement, self-esteem, social adjustment 0 None
2005-04-22 Day care in infancy protects against childhood leukaemia 0 None
2005-04-21 Adolescents not receiving health counseling 0 None
2005-04-20 Child health teacher numbers at worrying levels 0 None
2005-04-20 What makes children laugh? 0 None
2005-04-19 Free bike helmets increase use by children 0 None
2005-04-19 Babies who gain weight rapidly during their very first week of life may be more likely to be overweight as young adults 0 None
2005-04-19 Working mothers do not have an adverse effect on children's diets 0 None
2005-04-19 Children on school buses may face increased exposure to diesel pollution 0 None
2005-04-12 Canadian welfare reforms haven't helped poor children 0 None
2005-04-12 Project to treat infant asphyxia in lower income countries 0 None
2005-04-12 Protection against 12 different communicable diseases available for infants and toddlers 0 None
2005-04-11 Toddlers understand much more about false beliefs than parents and scientists previously suspected 0 None
2005-04-11 Childhood asthma may be linked to grandmother's smoking 0 None
2005-04-11 Study shows older children also benefit from lazy eye treatment 0 None
2005-04-07 You need to do vigorous activity if you want to be lean 0 None
2005-04-05 Kids have upswing in golf-related head injuries 0 None
2005-04-04 Low-cost, hospital-based parent education program can reduce the incidence of shaken baby syndrome 0 None
2005-04-04 More exhaust inhaled by kids inside school buses than by others in the area 0 None
2005-04-04 Need for pediatricians to partner with community-based organizations 0 None
2005-04-04 Treatment of bronchiolitis in children varies widely and often results in unnecessary tests and antibiotics 0 None
2005-04-04 California teens do not get regular physical activity 0 None
2005-04-04 Pediatric use of complementary and alternative medicine 0 None
2005-04-04 Early home environment and television watching influence bullying behavior 0 None
2005-04-03 Study looks at infants and chronic nighttime crying 0 4


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