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2006-12-11 Infant car seats can be a killer 0 None
2006-12-11 Report says children exposed to too much radiation by CT scans 0 None
2006-12-04 City kids with asthma lose out on preventive treatment 0 None
2006-12-01 Violent video games have an effect on kids brains 0 3.7
2006-11-28 Fat children sleep better when they exercise 0 None
2006-11-23 Report finds most programs ineffective for indigenous Australian children 0 None
2006-11-14 Children report more frequent sleep problems than parents acknowledge 0 None
2006-11-13 Controlling the amount of TV kids watch crucial to healthy weight 0 None
2006-11-13 Children being set up for heart disease later on in life 0 None
2006-11-08 Massage may help tots sleep better 0 None
2006-11-08 Toxic chemicals affecting childrens brains 0 None
2006-11-07 Tubby tummies in kids increase the risk of serious disease later on 0 None
2006-11-06 UK experts call for debate on euthanasia for seriously disabled newborns 0 1
2006-11-02 Cervical cancer vaccine to be included in school vaccination program in the U.S. 0 None
2006-10-30 Living near highways bad for kids asthma 0 None
2006-10-26 Pennsylvania House approves bill to expand SCHIP program 0 None
2006-10-25 Flu vaccine safe for babes and tots 0 None
2006-10-23 Bias and accuracy of children's perceptions of peer acceptance 0 None
2006-10-23 Popular ADHD drug Ritalin safe and effective for pre-schoolers 0 None
2006-10-23 Too much TV for tots could lead to autism? 0 None
2006-10-16 Guaranteeing insurance for all kids should be a national priority 0 None
2006-10-16 New guide to help countries prevent violence against children 0 5
2006-10-16 Beat those bedtime battles with 'sleep training' 0 None
2006-10-16 Babies with big heads smarter by age eight 0 4
2006-10-09 Its time to let kids play 0 None
2006-10-08 Bill clinches deal with snack food companies 0 None
2006-10-04 Breast feeding confers many benefits but making a child smarter is not one of them 0 None
2006-10-03 88% of uninsured children live in households with a working parent 0 None
2006-10-03 One-third of U.S. kids unfit 0 None
2006-10-02 Smoke alarm using parent's voice more effective in rousing children 0 None
2006-09-25 Parents too often unaware of child's drug abuse 0 None
2006-09-21 Calcineurin/Nfat signaling is required for perinatal lung maturation and function 0 None
2006-09-21 Low birth weights lower quality of life 0 None
2006-09-20 Young children who take music lessons show different brain development and improved memory 0 None
2006-09-19 Preconception care for improving perinatal outcomes: The time to act 0 None
2006-09-18 Racial gap in childhood vaccination rate closes 0 None
2006-09-18 Report on childhood obesity calls for more investment, leadership and commitment 0 None
2006-09-18 Health risks for children from ozone layer depletion 0 4
2006-09-14 Racial discrimination can affect adolescents' development - lead to depression and behavior problems 0 None
2006-09-14 British tackle childrens' tooth decay in deprived areas 0 None
2006-09-13 Most child ear aches do not need antibiotics 0 None
2006-09-06 Global action needed to protect children from junk food ads on the internet 0 None
2006-09-06 Children with lactose intolerance still need dairy's nutrients 0 None
2006-09-05 Feeding your baby foods made with real fruits and vegetables early in life key to controlling their waistline as they grow older 0 None
2006-09-05 Messy nappies may be sign of severe intestinal infection 0 None
2006-09-05 Uninsured Latino children more likely not to get medical care 0 None
2006-09-05 Older fathers almost six times more likely to have autistic children 0 None
2006-09-05 Overweight toddlers will be obese 12 year olds 1 None
2006-09-04 Televised movie trailers expose youth to images of tobacco use 0 None
2006-09-04 Drinking during pregnancy linked to offspring's risk of alcohol disorders in early adulthood 0 None
2006-09-04 Injured, ill children treated at U.S. military hospital in Iraq 0 None
2006-09-04 Children of men age 40 and older have a significantly increased risk of having autism 0 None
2006-09-04 Prevention programs for teens can reduce methamphetamine abuse 0 None
2006-09-04 Link between morbid obesity in toddlers and lower IQ scores 0 None
2006-09-04 Childhood asthma linked to low vitamin E intake during pregnancy 0 None
2006-08-31 Pediatricians not doing enough to stop parental smoking 0 None
2006-08-30 Kids will eat more fruits and less fat 0 None
2006-08-30 Vitamin D supplements should be given to Asian children from birth up to the age of two years 0 None
2006-08-29 Reality show prompts stricter laws for cosmetic surgery for Australian teens 0 5
2006-08-28 British babies to get vaccine against meningitis 0 None
2006-08-28 More children around the world now have allergies and asthma 0 5
2006-08-24 Wheezy kids more prone to asthma 0 None
2006-08-24 Childhood allergies on the rise 0 None
2006-08-17 School-based programs can curb aggressive behaviors in students 0 None
2006-08-17 Television really does act like a painkiller for kids 0 None
2006-08-16 Anxiety during pregnancy does not negatively impact infant's health 0 None
2006-08-15 Lack of outdoor play is health time bomb for children 0 3
2006-08-15 Plan to boost access to essential medicines for children 0 None
2006-08-14 Study examines children's exposure to neighborhood poverty 0 None
2006-08-14 In this day and age, even babies are fatter! 0 None
2006-08-09 Infants more heavy today than 20 years ago 0 None
2006-08-09 Predicting aggressive and disruptive behavior in referred 6- to 12-year-old boys 0 None
2006-08-09 Babies absorb nicotine even when parents smoke outdoors 0 3.8
2006-08-08 Further proof that children require more time 0 None
2006-08-08 Parents warned about the dangers of shopping carts 0 None
2006-08-07 Shopping cart-related injuries among children 0 None
2006-08-07 Lawn mower-related injuries among children 0 None
2006-08-07 Escalator-related injuries among children 0 None
2006-08-04 Almost half of kids with ADHD are not being treated 0 None
2006-08-04 Combating childhood malnutrition 0 None
2006-08-03 Vigorous exercise helps kids perform better in class 0 None
2006-08-02 Breastfed babies cope better with stress in later life than bottle fed babies 0 None
2006-08-02 Abnormal cortical development after premature birth shown by altered allometric scaling of brain growth 0 None
2006-08-01 Gifted kids reject schools' diet - but choose healthy eating 0 None
2006-08-01 Big kids are getting too big 0 None
2006-08-01 Lung disease study hope for premature babies 0 None
2006-07-27 New group B strep test for newborn babies approved 0 5
2006-07-26 Nitric oxide reduces lung disease in premature, very-low-birth-weight infants 0 None
2006-07-25 Growing pains linked to body weight 0 None
2006-07-20 Is that bowl of cereal such a healthy option? 0 None
2006-07-19 School-based programmes for preventing smoking 0 None
2006-07-19 Breastfeeding or breast milk for procedural pain in neonates 0 None
2006-07-19 Children of women who smoke during pregnancy can develop hearing problems 0 None
2006-07-18 Children with eczema have the same impaired quality of life as those with kidney disease 0 None
2006-07-17 Training for parents could help child anxiety disorders 0 None
2006-07-17 Cognitive changes in kids 0 None
2006-07-17 $26 billion dollar bill for prem babies each year 0 None
2006-07-17 More children have autism 0 None
2006-07-13 Reading to young children improves language and cognitive development 0 None
2006-07-12 Parents not to blame for late talking toddlers 0 None
2006-07-12 Children with chronic otitis media have biofilms in their middle ears 0 3
2006-07-11 Practice builds brain connections for babies learning language, how to speak 0 None
2006-07-11 Children in families with no adult in paid employment 13 times more likely to die from injury or poisoning 0 None
2006-07-11 Latest March of Dimes Newborn Screening Report Card 0 None
2006-07-06 Study supports routine vaccination of children against flu 0 None
2006-07-03 Why does prolonged IV feeding damage the liver? 0 None
2006-07-03 Being "at risk for overweight" really means kids are too fat or obese 0 None
2006-06-29 CDC recommends human papillomavirus virus vaccination 0 None
2006-06-29 CDC’s advisory committee recommends changes in varicella vaccinations 0 None
2006-06-29 Doctors say lives are in jeopardy because the public has been misled over MMR vaccine 0 None
2006-06-22 Omega-3 fatty acids benefit children with depression 0 None
2006-06-21 1 in 10 British children under 15 has a mental health disorder 0 None
2006-06-20 Childhood obesity measurements in schools could do more harm than good 0 None
2006-06-18 New guidelines on obesity in the U.S. may end up harming children 0 None
2006-06-18 Children who stutter face greater challenges managing their behavior and emotions 0 None
2006-06-14 Exposure to airborne fungal spores increase kids' risk for multiple allergies 0 None
2006-06-09 Antipsychotic use in children increasing 0 None
2006-06-09 Most children diagnosed with autism at age 2 years appear to have the condition at 9 years 0 4
2006-06-08 Dancing helps boys with ADHD 1 5
2006-06-06 Premature babies three times as likely to get hyperkinetic disorder 0 None
2006-06-06 Overweight first-graders come from over strict parents 0 None
2006-06-05 Minister upholds Hazardous Products Act by announcing Board of Review for baby walkers 0 None
2006-06-01 New e-movement mobilizes busy parents on children's health care 0 None
2006-06-01 The impact of an abortion ban on socio-economic outcomes of children 0 None
2006-06-01 Inappropriate TV exposure increases the risk of sleeping difficulties in children 0 None
2006-06-01 Better education needed on physical dangers of falling TV sets to children 0 1
2006-05-29 Even small amounts of alcohol in pregnancy can affect a child's IQ 0 None
2006-05-25 Just one puff enough to start a habit later on 0 1
2006-05-17 Genetic testing can improve newborn screening tests for hearing defects 0 None
2006-05-16 Too many teens abusing the family medicine cabinet to get high 0 None
2006-05-16 Renal cell carcinoma in the pediatric population 0 None
2006-05-16 Parents of junior athletes can adversely affect their child's development 0 None
2006-05-11 WHO child growth standards spot on 0 None
2006-05-10 Boys more vulnerable and emotionally engaged in romantic relationships than previously thought 0 5
2006-05-10 Inhaled corticosteroids can reduce breathing problems in children at high risk for asthma 0 None
2006-05-10 Don't kid yourself - puppyfat won't just go away 0 None
2006-05-09 300,000 U.S. schoolchildren diagnosed with autism 0 None
2006-05-08 US infant mortality rates show no significant improvements 0 None
2006-05-08 Development of 'puppy fat' in adolescence 0 None
2006-05-08 Online infusion calculator and a computerized drug ordering system reduces medication errors in children 0 None
2006-05-03 Pediatricians encouraged to refer patients to community resources for childhood aggression 0 None
2006-05-03 If jaundice is detected and treated properly children at no greater risk 0 None
2006-05-03 Many children still exposed at home to tobacco smoke - exposure linked to behavioral problems 0 None
2006-05-03 Exposure to cocaine before birth not linked to bad behavior in kids 0 None
2006-05-03 Very young infants are much more capable of organising their visual world than previously thought 0 None
2006-05-03 Minority and multiracial children experience many disparities in medical and oral health status 0 None
2006-05-03 Traffic, susceptibility and childhood asthma 0 None
2006-05-03 Good and bad sides of the Internet as it relates to children 2 4.1
2006-05-02 Nasal flu spray offers best protection for babes and toddlers 0 None
2006-04-26 Does secondhand smoke increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in children? 0 None
2006-04-26 Evidence explains relationship between television and poor diet in children 0 None
2006-04-26 Children of snorers, three times as likely to snore themselves 0 None
2006-04-25 Prenatal exposure to alcohol can change child's circadian rhythms 0 None
2006-04-24 Direct link between childhood obesity and junk food advertising 0 4
2006-04-24 25% of British school children are clinically obese 0 None
2006-04-23 Bullying pushes overweight kids away from sport, increasing health problems 1 None
2006-04-20 Children with bone cancer in their arms or legs survival rate improved 0 None
2006-04-20 Iodine could have helped to spare many Chernobyl children from thyroid cancer 0 None
2006-04-19 Calcium supplements may be little help for healthy kids 0 None
2006-04-18 Calcium supplementation for improving bone mineral density in children 0 None
2006-04-18 Breakthrough in fight against childhood obesity 0 None
2006-04-16 Development and validation of a smoking media literacy scale for adolescents 0 None
2006-04-16 The less a child sleeps, the more likely he or she is to become overweight 0 None
2006-04-13 Does eating during TV viewing affect preschool children's intake? Yes 0 None
2006-04-11 Dealing with children's misbehavior 0 None
2006-04-11 If parents snore, chances are child will also 0 None
2006-04-11 Functional imaging of numerical processing in adults and 4-y-old children 0 None
2006-04-11 Research highlights importance of teachers and parents working together in the child's best interest 0 None
2006-04-11 Young children born to parents who snore have an increased risk of snoring 0 None
2006-04-10 Environment and genes determine whether a child will an avid reader 0 None
2006-04-06 Parents need better education to reduce drug overdoses in feverish children 0 None
2006-04-06 Schoolchildren's performance up 15% with improved indoor climate 0 None
2006-04-06 Researchers move closer to pinpointing age of brain activity changes related to language 0 None
2006-04-04 Watching too much television may lead to extra weight for preschoolers 0 None
2006-04-04 Link between children's sleep-related breathing problems and daytime behavior problems 0 None
2006-04-04 Adolescents who spend a lot of time watching TV tend to be at higher risk for engaging in risky behaviors 0 None
2006-04-04 Obese youngsters unable to use child safety seats 0 None
2006-04-03 Obese children in danger in cars because they don't fit safety seats 0 None
2006-04-03 Child safety seat types and obese children 0 None
2006-03-31 Scans show smart kids have different brains 0 5
2006-03-29 Teens life quality affected by a lack of sleep 0 4
2006-03-28 One in every fifteen teenagers self harms 0 4
2006-03-23 Children who are open to experimenting with herbal products may be more open to trying illicit drugs 0 None
2006-03-23 Children with mild cognitive delays show modest or no improvement from early childhood to early grade school in their ability to interact with peers 0 2
2006-03-23 Children whose mothers are depressed are more likely to suffer from anxiety 0 None
2006-03-23 Early risk, attention and brain activation in adolescents born preterm 0 None
2006-03-23 Poor children at greater risk for exposure to toxic pollutants 0 None
2006-03-23 Extreme personality poses risk of ADHD 0 None
2006-03-22 Study confirms that the children with dental decay are not underweight in comparison to their peers 0 None
2006-03-20 Researchers aim to understand how babies' learning is linked to their neurological development 0 None
2006-03-20 No-smoking rules not common enough for asthmatic children 0 None
2006-03-19 Orthodontics can make kids feel better about themselves 0 None
2006-03-15 Small birthweight and premature birth may be associated with a higher risk of child abuse and neglect 0 None
2006-03-15 Asthma risk increased by early use of antibiotics 0 None
2006-03-15 Wearing a special mask to bed helps children with sleep apnea breathe and sleep better 0 None
2006-03-14 Antibiotic use in infants may double asthma risk 0 None
2006-03-13 New approach to preventing recurrent febrile seizures in vulnerable children 0 1
2006-03-13 Link between childhood exposure to tobacco smoke and Streptococcus pneumoniae 0 None
2006-03-13 Insulin levels in African American children worsen as they progress through puberty 0 None
2006-03-09 Child's fatness at age five is not related to being breastfed 0 None
2006-03-08 Pregnancy diet has lifelong effects for baby 0 None
2006-03-08 Bottle-fed babies more likely to be obese children 0 None
2006-03-08 Dogs bite babes and toddlers more often 0 None
2006-03-07 TV and attention deficit disorders - is there a connection? 0 None
2006-03-07 New anti-drug program success 0 None
2006-03-07 Peer exclusion may be as harmful as bullying 0 4
2006-03-06 Future looks sick for fat kids 0 None
2006-03-05 Malnutrition the root cause of half of all child deaths 0 None
2006-03-01 Parents are a powerful influence in keeping their teens off of drugs 0 None
2006-02-28 Girls drinking more sodas and less milk 0 None
2006-02-28 Premature babies pre-disposed to psychiatric problems in teens 10 5
2006-02-28 Self harm issue to be tackled by TV campaign 0 None
2006-02-27 Depression increases ecstasy use in children 0 None
2006-02-27 Parents lose court battle over future of gravely ill child 0 None
2006-02-24 Project could lead to fall in prescribing errors for children 0 None
2006-02-23 Girls' approach to school may give them an edge in math 0 None
2006-02-23 Media campaigns that remind parents to talk with their children about sex are effective 0 None
2006-02-22 Teens think oral sex is not sex 0 None
2006-02-21 Organic diet for children means less exposure to pesticides 0 None
2006-02-19 Lack of progress in reducing children's exposures to pesticides 0 None
2006-02-19 Healthy preterm infants younger than 12 weeks show reduced lung function 0 None
2006-02-19 Organic diets lower children's exposure to pesticides 0 None
2006-02-19 Children given lower doses of adult drugs at risk of harmful side effects 0 None
2006-02-19 Puberty means girls more at risk of insomnia than boys 0 5
2006-02-17 Boys are almost twice as likely as girls to burn themselves 0 None
2006-02-16 Impact of parental behavior on children's future behavior 0 4.2
2006-02-16 Reading problems and behavior problems in boys are intertwined 0 None
2006-02-16 Child's popularity may predict good reading skills 0 None
2006-02-16 Marital conflict and its effects on children 0 4.7
2006-02-16 Parental conflict may negatively affect children by disrupting their sleep 0 None
2006-02-16 Diagnosing whooping cough in young children 0 None
2006-02-16 More pediatricians should counsel children and their parents about preventing skin cancer 0 None
2006-02-16 Not every stutterer is a problem case: over-reacting can make stuttering worse 0 None
2006-02-14 Music therapy helps sick babies 0 None
2006-02-13 Fighting in front of the kids causes them distress about marriage and family life 0 None
2006-02-12 Herbs popular in treating kids at WIC clinics 0 None
2006-02-12 Asthmatic children in multi-family housing hit by pollutant byproduct of gas stoves 0 None
2006-02-12 National childhood flu-vaccine programs should include evaluation component 0 None
2006-02-09 Physician counseling and computer assessment may improve teen health behaviors 0 None
2006-02-09 Bipolar disorder in children 0 None
2006-02-09 Low birth weight infants overcome difficulties by adulthood 0 None
2006-02-07 Almost two-thirds of California children have dental disease 0 None
2006-02-07 Poverty early in life may set into motion a consistent pattern of antisocial behaviours 0 None
2006-02-07 Babies fully breastfed for six months less likely to suffer from respiratory illnesses 0 None
2006-02-07 Teens' healthy food choices foiled by early lunch 0 None
2006-02-07 Fluoride varnish prevents tooth decay in young children 0 None
2006-02-07 Children who spend more time watching television spend less time interacting with their family and playing creatively 0 4
2006-02-07 Stress related to having asthma might contribute to child behavioral problems 0 None
2006-02-07 Children's asthma highlights need for the State Children's Health Insurance Program 0 None
2006-01-31 Scientists more likely to have autistic children 0 None
2006-01-31 8 million children born every year with serious birth defects 0 3
2006-01-30 Children with headaches have problems sleeping 0 None
2006-01-26 African-American girls have a better chance of survival as premature babies 0 None
2006-01-26 Phonics teaching: a child's passport to literacy 1 None
2006-01-25 Injection no better than a placebo at preventing influenza in children 0 None
2006-01-25 Booster seat use increased more by carrot than stick 0 None
2006-01-23 Babies brainier when Mum eats fish 0 None
2006-01-16 Teacher supervised toothbrushing reduces dental decay in socially deprived school children 0 None
2006-01-10 Fish oil may improve behaviour of children with special educational needs 0 None
2006-01-09 Violent video games create aggression 0 3.8
2006-01-09 Syrupy medications may cause cavities in children 0 None
2006-01-08 Kids learn about STD's when they are getting diagnosed with them 0 None
2006-01-06 Girls and black infants have better chances of survival when born very premature 0 None
2006-01-05 Abstinence and Abstinence-Only Education: A Review of U.S. Policies and Programs 0 None
2006-01-05 National estimates for 18 specific major birth defects between 1999 and 2001 0 None
2006-01-05 SUVs no safer than cars for children 0 None
2006-01-04 Guidelines needed to help care for children during emergencies 0 None
2006-01-02 Unsafe neighborhoods linked to overweight children 0 None


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