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2007-11-29 Low standards of child wellbeing linked to greater income inequality 0 None
2007-11-27 Zero tolerance on alcohol advocated for under 18's in Britain 0 None
2007-11-27 HHS launches childhood obesity prevention initiative 0 None
2007-11-27 More youth with diabetes hospitalized, costing billions 0 None
2007-11-27 Materialism in children 0 None
2007-11-27 Toddlers with sleep problems injured more often 0 None
2007-11-27 Active parents raise active children 0 None
2007-11-22 Working mums and overweight kids: is there a link? 0 None
2007-11-22 What happens when dad looks after the kids? 0 None
2007-11-22 Even at six months babies know who the bad guys are 0 None
2007-11-21 Quiet and shy pupils tend to under achieve 0 None
2007-11-21 Effect of lead exposure on learning in children 0 None
2007-11-20 Reading tests used to identify children with reading problems are being misapplied 0 None
2007-11-19 Low standards of child well-being linked to greater income inequality 0 None
2007-11-19 Survey reveals drug and alcohol abuse in British teens 0 None
2007-11-19 Parents in Maryland threatened with jail over child vaccinations 0 None
2007-11-19 British school children to undergo obesity checks 0 None
2007-11-16 White children more positive toward blacks after learning about racism 0 None
2007-11-16 Older children more likely to develop cross-eye and lazy eye 0 None
2007-11-16 Tamiflu significantly reduces illness severity and duration in children one year and older 0 None
2007-11-16 Living arrangements of low-income children may not play a key role in their well-being 0 None
2007-11-16 Stable family life a key factor to avoiding a number of serious health problems in young girls 0 None
2007-11-16 Heart rate patterns before birth provide clues to children's later development 0 None
2007-11-16 Children's environment plays a major role in their readiness for school 0 None
2007-11-15 British charity says protect children and ban tobacco vending machines 0 None
2007-11-14 Higher risk of infant death among late preterm infants 0 None
2007-11-14 Childhood obesity could be tackled with just positive parenting 0 None
2007-11-14 Babies born a few weeks too soon six times more likely to die 0 None
2007-11-13 Long term use of Ritalin ineffective and may stunt childrens growth 0 4
2007-11-13 Children's early academic and attention skills best predict later school success 0 None
2007-11-13 Fires and burns take devastating toll on nation's children 0 None
2007-11-13 Smoking-prevention strategy targets fourth-graders in Georgia 0 None
2007-11-06 Toxic 'Bindeez' toys put three children in hospital 0 5
2007-11-06 Urban kids with asthma need more frequent check-ups 0 None
2007-11-06 UMC takes part in largest ever study of child and human health 0 None
2007-11-06 Strongest evidence yet that prenatal exposure to alcohol causes conduct problems in children 0 None
2007-11-06 Non-maternal care linked to reduced physical aggression in children of mothers with less education 0 None
2007-11-06 Maternal alcohol drinking during pregnancy associated with risk for childhood conduct problems 0 None
2007-11-06 FADS2 gene governs IQ boost from breastfeeding 0 None
2007-11-06 Children with apoE4 gene show reduced cognitive function 0 None
2007-11-06 Breastfeeding boosts infants' IQs, but only if the babies have a specific genetic variant 0 None
2007-11-06 Breastfeeding babies offers them long-term heart-health benefits 0 None
2007-11-06 When it comes to brain power for some babies breast is definitely best 0 None
2007-11-06 Lack of sleep makes children fat 0 None
2007-11-05 U-M study finds shorter sleep duration for 9- to 12-year-old kids is associated with increased risk for being overweight 0 None
2007-11-05 Anesthesia pouch allows children to go home sooner after surgery 0 None
2007-11-02 Educating teens about the dangers of tobacco use 0 None
2007-11-02 California kids not being read to! 0 None
2007-11-02 More than 25 percent of children heart disease are overweight or obese 0 None
2007-11-02 Children's friendships matter in the scramble for secondary schools 0 None
2007-11-02 Breastfed babies breathe better, except when mother is asthmatic 0 2
2007-11-01 Study finds some middle schoolers in rural areas are drinking and driving 0 None


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