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2008-05-30 Children's diet not the main cause of ADHD 0 None
2008-05-28 Gulf Coast area children who lived in trailer units at risk for long-term illnesses 0 None
2008-05-28 States that rank high in measures of children's health tend to have lower rates of uninsured children, higher health costs 0 None
2008-05-28 Why do Finnish children have type 1 diabetes and allergic symptoms approximately five times more often than children in Russian Karelia? 0 None
2008-05-27 Nurse-midwives present blankets for babies to Boston area women's organizations 0 None
2008-05-25 Preservatives and food colours may be the culprits in ADHD 0 4.5
2008-05-21 Babies born preterm more than twice as likely to have major birth defects as full-term infants 0 None
2008-05-20 Having a cat may protect children from developing asthma 0 None
2008-05-20 Washington Post series examines childhood obesity 0 None
2008-05-20 First-born children are at higher risk of developing asthma and allergies due to pregnancy conditions 0 None
2008-05-20 Farming mothers may help children beat allergies 0 5
2008-05-19 NYT examines limited options for disabled children who reach age 18 0 None
2008-05-19 Mobile phone use during pregnancy may increase child's risk of behavioural problems 0 None
2008-05-19 Stress during pregnancy increases the risk of child developing asthma 0 None
2008-05-19 Obesity concern over Indiana Jones film marketing 0 None
2008-05-18 Separation from parents linked with learning trouble in kids 0 None
2008-05-15 Too much water raises seizure risk in babies 0 5
2008-05-15 Prevalence of childhood obesity levels off in France 0 None
2008-05-15 Poorer children have more eye problems than those from affluent families 0 None
2008-05-15 Serious depression affects more than 2 million teens in the U.S. 0 None
2008-05-15 Pediatric obesity program effectively improves outcomes for kids 0 None
2008-05-15 Kids' sport: more than health and fitness 0 None
2008-05-13 Indiana receives CMS approval to expand SCHIP 0 None
2008-05-13 Pediatric society leaders, health policy experts consider sisparities in children's health as top priority for political candidates 0 None
2008-05-13 Three quarters of child car deaths could have been prevented in Australia 0 None
2008-05-13 Children eat healthier when all snacks are banned 0 None
2008-05-13 Would you let your child participate in medical research? 0 None
2008-05-12 New plan says no vaccination no school 0 None
2008-05-11 CDC report finds increase in reports of respiratory illness in children after hurricane Katrina; New Orleans Mayor pushes for city residents to leave trailers 0 None
2008-05-11 Childhood and adolescent obesity impacts cardiac health 0 None
2008-05-08 Letter from Bush administration indicates states have more flexibility to prove they enrolled 95% of currently eligible children in SCHIP 0 None
2008-05-08 Stopping smoking in schools 0 None
2008-05-08 Only one in five children have eyes tested, Australian figures show 0 None
2008-05-08 Nutrition for the growing athlete: The good, the bad and the ugly 0 None
2008-05-07 A stable post-divorce family environment helps minimize long-term harm to children 0 None
2008-05-07 Too much TV for babies means less verbal interaction with Mum 0 None
2008-05-07 Australian research shows children are safer with their biological parents 0 None
2008-05-06 Corticosteroids provide no survival benefit for children with bacterial meningitis 0 None
2008-05-06 Breastfeeding makes for more intelligent children 0 None
2008-05-05 TV hinders mother-child interaction - limited verbal interactions 0 None
2008-05-05 Breastfeeding may improve children's IQ scores - other measures of cognitive development 0 None
2008-05-05 Strange barriers to physical activity may exist at child-care centers 0 None
2008-05-05 Extra iron for infants who don't need it might delay development 0 None
2008-05-05 Parental psychiatric disorders associated with autism spectrum disorders in the offspring 0 None
2008-05-05 Asthma attacks early in pregnancy put baby at greater risk of birth defects, new research suggests 0 None
2008-05-05 Uninsured kids in middle class have same unmet needs as poor 0 None
2008-05-05 Nearly one-third of U.S. parents don't know what to expect of infants 0 None
2008-05-02 Children affected by parents' behavior following trauma 0 None
2008-05-01 Children's experiences in a pediatric intensive care unit 0 4


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