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2008-07-31 Men who marry a child's mother parent just as well, if not better than biological fathers 0 None
2008-07-31 Mother support maximizes life-saving benefits of breastfeeding in all countries of the Americas and the World 0 None
2008-07-30 Study compares student performance against environmental pollution 0 None
2008-07-29 Zinc supplementation benefits children suffering from diarrhea in developing countries 0 2.5
2008-07-29 Healthy children of Alzheimer's patients show early brain changes 0 None
2008-07-29 Premature babies at risk of lung problems later on 0 5
2008-07-29 Drop in child deaths in NSW - but aboriginal children still six times more likely to die 0 None
2008-07-29 Lawmakers agree to ban use of phthalates in toys 0 None
2008-07-29 Preterm birth contributes to growing number of infant deaths 0 None
2008-07-29 Australian experts approve of British plans to issue 'fat' reports on school children 0 None
2008-07-27 Leeds project aims to boost parents' confidence in MMR choices as measles rates rise 0 None
2008-07-24 Breastfed babies get a taste for good food 0 None
2008-07-24 Parliamentarian memo says SCHIP resolution filed too late to be given fast-track status 0 None
2008-07-22 Link between small birth size and changes to the CV system that predispose to disease in later life 0 None
2008-07-22 Rep. Boustany introduces legislation that would require states to report on SCHIP enrollment, outreach efforts 0 None
2008-07-21 Penn partnership designed to eliminate childhood obesity wins prize 0 None
2008-07-19 Early exposure to tobacco smoke causes asthma and allergy 0 None
2008-07-18 Increased risk for disabilities after preterm birth 0 None
2008-07-17 Selective face processing abnormalities in parents of autistic children 0 None
2008-07-16 Zinc supplementation for childhood diarrhoea 0 None
2008-07-16 Malaria prevention in schools reduces anaemia and improves educational potential in Kenyan school kids 0 None
2008-07-15 Children's physical activity drops from age 9 to 15 0 None
2008-07-14 Closing coal-fired power plants directly improves cognitive development in children 0 None
2008-07-14 Out-of-pocket health care costs for disabled children vary widely by state 0 None
2008-07-14 Allergy to road traffic 0 None
2008-07-14 Only 11% of children's food products provide good nutritional quality 0 None
2008-07-14 Obesity ranks as top health concern for kids, poll finds 0 None
2008-07-13 How are homeopathic products used in childhood? 0 None
2008-07-10 Study reveals potential reasons for truancy and school fear 0 None
2008-07-10 Lipid Association responds to new cholesterol guidelines for kids 0 None
2008-07-10 'Agro' mothers direct child's behavior 0 None
2008-07-09 Babies from frozen embryos less likely to be premature 0 None
2008-07-09 IVF babies at no greater risk of neurodevelopmental disorders 0 None
2008-07-08 IVF does not lead to developmental problems in early infancy 0 None
2008-07-08 Action to improve children's communication following Bercow Review 0 None
2008-07-08 Children born from thawed frozen embryos have higher birth weight than those born where fresh embryos used 0 None
2008-07-08 Experts call for cholesterol drugs to be used in young children 0 None
2008-07-07 Hand washing reduces infant mortality 0 None
2008-07-07 Single oral dose of vitamin A reduces infant mortality 0 None
2008-07-07 Tough action needed to protect children from the allure of smoking 0 None
2008-07-07 Experts call for sex education for 4 year olds 0 None
2008-07-07 Lack of sleep means kids do it hard at school 0 None
2008-07-07 Doctors call for change in Australian motorcycle laws to protect children 0 None
2008-07-03 Fourth edition of the British National Formulary for Children 0 None
2008-07-02 Seizures in newborns can be detected with bedside brain-activity monitors 0 None
2008-07-02 Dentists warn against brushing teeth after every meal 6 3
2008-07-02 Food for kids at British theme parks "shockingly" unhealthy 0 None
2008-07-02 Type 1 diabetes on the rise in Australian children 1 None
2008-07-01 Curbing kids' risk-taking behavior 0 None
2008-07-01 Can children have strokes? 0 None
2008-07-01 Children's Brain Tumor Foundation's tissue bank consortium may solve dire problem in pediatric cancer research 0 None
2008-07-01 Deadly danger of babies sleeping in bed with parents 0 None


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