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2009-10-31 Four abstracts on RSV and influenza prevention in pediatric health to be presented 0 None
2009-10-31 Meeting to understand gastrointestinal problems in children with ASDs to be held 0 None
2009-10-30 New York Times examines debate over U.S. global health spending priorities 0 None
2009-10-30 130 million children to be immunised against pneumonia 0 None
2009-10-30 Most children visit hospitals with mild flu-like symptoms and fever 0 None
2009-10-29 Study looks at the impact of health insurance on the number of preventable deaths in the U.S. 0 None
2009-10-29 Initiative to help families face the challenges of parental depression and early childhood developmental delays 0 None
2009-10-29 Perioperative oral dietary supplements before elective surgery offers no functional benefit 0 None
2009-10-29 National study to prevent strokes in children and adolescents with sickle cell anemia 0 None
2009-10-29 Oral health-care tips for Halloween 0 5
2009-10-29 Iron-folic acid supplements during pregnancy can reduce offspring’s mortality rate 0 4
2009-10-29 Study links low maternal folate levels with attention-deficit/hyperactivity problems in children 0 None
2009-10-28 Child Neurology Foundation raises $30,000 during Infantile Spasms Awareness Week 0 None
2009-10-28 Gates Foundation praises U.S. global health investments, calls for 15-year goal of cutting child deaths worldwide by nearly half 0 None
2009-10-28 Nashboro Village Family Dental's initiative for childhood cancer 0 None
2009-10-28 SIDS America launches informative website about SIDS 0 4
2009-10-28 3M launches new Rapid Detection Respiratory Syncytial Virus Test 0 None
2009-10-28 Go Daddy is the title sponsor of JDRF "Walk to Cure Diabetes" 0 None
2009-10-28 Commit 2B Fit receives "Exemplary Practices in Childhood Obesity in Florida Award" 0 None
2009-10-28 Overseas and domestically adopted children have similar disability rates, says study 0 5
2009-10-28 EPA's guide provides vital information on child’s exposure to pollutants 0 4
2009-10-28 Vegetable intake during pregnancy can protect unborn child against diabetes 0 None
2009-10-28 Anxiety in pregnant women can impact babies' size and gestational age 0 None
2009-10-27 State watch: Uninsured kids in Dallas, Louisianna Medicaid rates cut, Massachusetts feeling squeezed 0 None
2009-10-27 New therapy for decreasing anxiety and improving psychological well-being in children 2 None
2009-10-27 First child with a surgically implanted artificial humerus doing well after a year 0 None
2009-10-27 Study shows gene therapy can restore vision to children with Leber congenital amaurosis 0 None
2009-10-27 Transcatheter valve may eliminate repeat surgeries in children with heart defects; multicenter study shows good outcomes 0 None
2009-10-26 AAO-PAAO meeting discusses tougher challenges of treating premature babies' vision 0 None
2009-10-26 Saving sight in premature babies: The past, present and future of ROP treatment 0 None
2009-10-26 Gene therapy may help improve congenital blindness in children 0 5
2009-10-26 Millions of children in the US suffer from suboptimal levels of vitamin D 0 None
2009-10-24 Bioethicist honored with March of Dimes Distinguished Lectureship in Perinatal Bioethics award 0 None
2009-10-24 Campaign to end pediatric HIV/AIDS launched in Africa 0 None
2009-10-23 Tips to prevent allergy during Halloween 0 None
2009-10-23 Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Repligen partner to develop a treatment for SMA 0 None
2009-10-23 Medtronic announces ONSET trial results of sensor-enhanced CSII in children 0 None
2009-10-23 News outlets examine challenges with expanding global child immunization campaigns 0 None
2009-10-22 More infants are being immunized but funding gap leaves millions of children still at risk 0 None
2009-10-22 Tips to protect children from lead poisoning 0 5
2009-10-22 Fluoride content in infant formulas can cause tooth discoloration 0 5
2009-10-22 Toolkit to help U.S. employers address the growing problem of childhood obesity 0 None
2009-10-22 Obesity prevention efforts in the El Paso region are effective, say researchers 0 None
2009-10-22 106m infants worldwide received vaccines last year, coverage gaps remain, report says 0 None
2009-10-21 Study on childhood risk factors for the development of future substance use disorders 0 None
2009-10-21 Duke Abdominal Assessment Scale can help predict NEC disease in newborns 0 None
2009-10-21 CCS is the largest funder of childhood and adolescent cancer research in the charitable sector 0 None
2009-10-21 Persistence of sucking habits increases risk of speech disorders in preschool children 0 None
2009-10-20 Children having accelerated bone growth at an increased risk of hypertension 0 None
2009-10-20 PCV vaccines can save the lives of millions of children 0 None
2009-10-20 Children restrained in belt-positioning booster seats less likely to get injured 0 None
2009-10-20 Day care center integrates diabetes care for children into its routine as part of ADA settlement 0 None
2009-10-20 AAP's initiative to address childhood asthma 0 3
2009-10-20 New technique to treat metabolic disorders in babies while still in the womb 0 5
2009-10-19 Children with history of diabetic ketoacidosis may have memory problems 0 None
2009-10-19 School-age children most vulnerable to malaria infection in Africa, study says 0 None
2009-10-19 Morgan Stanley's global initiative to reduce childhood malnutrition and save lives worldwide 0 None
2009-10-19 Parents are concerned about the overuse of prescription medications with their children: Survey 0 None
2009-10-19 Mothers receiving HAART less likely to transmit HIV virus to their newborns through breastfeeding 0 None
2009-10-19 Over 80 countries mark world handwashing day 0 None
2009-10-19 Multi-million dollar cooperative agreement for SMA drug development program 0 None
2009-10-18 Robotically assisted minimally invasive bladder reconstructive surgery on children performed 0 None
2009-10-15 NFL, NDC launch 'Fuel Up to Play 60' to tackle childhood obesity 0 None
2009-10-15 deVere and Partner's initiative to improve the lives of children in Switzerland and in UK 0 None
2009-10-15 25-year anniversary of the first neonatal cross-species heart transplantation to be celebrated 0 None
2009-10-15 Blocking folic acid action during early pregnancy leads to increased risk of abnormalities in growing baby 0 None
2009-10-14 Medications to reduce folic acid during pregnancy increase the risk of abnormalities in fetus 0 None
2009-10-14 Children with low birth weight are at a higher risk of developing asthma later in life, says study 0 None
2009-10-14 Household brands join to support the lifesaving work of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 0 None
2009-10-14 SCID infants who receive early bone marrow transplants are likely to have fewer complications 0 None
2009-10-14 National Vaccine Information Center to launch a research fundraising campaign 0 5
2009-10-14 Children's dental care gets boost in health reform plans 0 None
2009-10-14 Timely and individualized publicly funded therapy denied to children with autism 0 None
2009-10-13 Human milk oligosaccharides protect infants against infection 0 1
2009-10-13 International experts to present new diagnostic approaches and interventions for fetal conditions 0 None
2009-10-12 Majority of Americans agree that children should get good dental care and medical care 0 None
2009-10-12 Low birth weight children face higher risk of developing asthma later in life 0 None
2009-10-12 CNF launches new educational website centered on infantile spasms 0 None
2009-10-12 GetWell Town Interactive Patient Care system for children's hospitals 0 None
2009-10-12 Link between high fat diet during pregnancy and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in child discovered 0 None
2009-10-12 Caregivers do not make use of CPRSs as a part of their daily routine, says study 0 None
2009-10-12 Children can reduce their abdominal pain with guided imagery treatment 2 None
2009-10-12 Common myths about children's eye health and the medical reality behind them 0 5
2009-10-09 Riley Hospital for Children commences patient enrollment in clinical trial of cystic fibrosis drug 0 None
2009-10-09 20 million school-age children across 26 countries to be dewormed in 2009 0 None
2009-10-09 Ford Motor Company , United Auto Workers collaborate to support March of Dimes 0 4
2009-10-09 Hispanic children with brain tumors rarely get high-quality treatment than other children: Study 0 None
2009-10-09 Gluten-free diet leads to complete recovery of bone mineralization in CD affected children 0 None
2009-10-09 Children's access to health care poses significant health problem despite of health insurance coverage 0 None
2009-10-09 Study raises concerns on long-term consequences of neonatal caffeine administration on brain development 0 None
2009-10-09 New findings on genetic disorder may lead to better treatment of inflammatory bowel disease 0 None
2009-10-09 Countries make little progress in implementing life-saving techniques to treat children with diarrhea 0 None
2009-10-09 Children on Medicaid still face difficulty getting dental care 0 None
2009-10-08 Researchers reveal that H2 Blocker drugs pose no significant risks for the fetus 0 None
2009-10-08 Complications of otitis media: Evolving trends in children 0 None
2009-10-08 Providing right environment is crucial for preschoolers 0 None
2009-10-08 Study links improving air quality and fewer cases of cases of ear infections in children 0 None
2009-10-08 UNICEF issues progress report on protecting children 0 None
2009-10-08 Aflac raises $1.16 million through a grant campaign for pediatric cancer treatment 0 None
2009-10-07 Help Group Summit 2009 on autism, learning disabilities and ADHD 0 None
2009-10-07 Winners of the 2009 World of Children Award to be honored 0 None
2009-10-07 National public education campaign to protect children's teeth 0 None
2009-10-07 Rapid viral testing might benefit health systems 0 None
2009-10-07 U.S children exposed to more violence and abuse than has been previously recognized, says study 0 None
2009-10-07 Daily doses of imatinib mesylate double survival rates in Ph+ ALL affected children 0 None
2009-10-07 Research finds 50 million people vaccinated against zoonotic brain infection 0 None
2009-10-07 Call for new policies on access to biobanked children's DNA 0 None
2009-10-07 Late-onset sepsis in very low birth-weight newborns may be prevented with supplemental milk protein 0 None
2009-10-07 Vaccination can lower the risks of allergy in children 0 None
2009-10-07 NIDCR announces research and technology grants to support new Facebase Consortium 0 None
2009-10-07 Liquorice consumption linked to shorter pregnancies and adverse affect on child's intelligence and behaviour 0 None
2009-10-06 Hepatitis B Foundation calls for consistent monitoring and referral of HBV infected children 1 None
2009-10-06 Kennedy Krieger Institute announces the results of largest ever twin study of ASDs 1 None
2009-10-06 Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy causes sudden cardiac death in children and young adults 1 None
2009-10-06 IAN Project launches the Grandparents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Survey 0 None
2009-10-06 Children rally for improved education and funding for food allergies 0 None
2009-10-06 More than 1 million babies worldwide born prematurely die in first month, Study says 0 None
2009-10-06 Adverse childhood experiences double the risk of premature death 0 None
2009-10-05 $40B needed to 'dramatically' reduce millions of child deaths annually, report says 0 None
2009-10-05 Baxter launches HYLENEX recombinant for pediatric rehydration at the 2009 ACEP 0 None
2009-10-05 Preterm birth rate continues to rise 0 3
2009-10-05 Radiofrequency-tonsillotomy: Effective method for treating children with enlarged tonsils 0 None
2009-10-05 Nationwide Children's Hospital study on burn injuries in kids 0 None
2009-10-05 Second annual Hispanic Radiothon to help children with cancer and other deadly diseases 0 None
2009-10-05 Study reveals that most patients in an inner city pediatric voice clinic suffer from hoarseness 0 None
2009-10-05 Burns: A common cause of pediatric injury 0 None
2009-10-03 Household food insecurity contributes to overweight in children 0 None
2009-10-03 MABIDA encourages parents and caregivers to understand warning signs for dyslexia 0 None
2009-10-03 Vaccinate children with H1N1 flu vaccine to control swine flu: UAB 0 None
2009-10-03 Preterm infants receiving leg movement training display feet-reaching behaviors, says study 0 None
2009-10-03 Breast milk should not be stored and fed later 2 4.3
2009-10-03 BMI training course launched by Anthem Blue Cross to tackle childhood obesity 1 None
2009-10-03 $1 million grant to expand health insurance coverage to uninsured children 0 None
2009-10-01 New global campaign aims to reduce child mortality 0 None
2009-10-01 CSIRO launches wellbeing plan for kids 0 None
2009-10-01 NAACP endorses optometric vision therapy at its 100th Anniversary Convention 0 None
2009-10-01 Treating mothers for mild gestational diabetes reduces infant deaths and birth-related complications 0 None
2009-10-01 Most American children don't see their family dentist until they are 2 years old, reveals survey 0 None
2009-10-01 Treatment of gestational diabetes benefits both infant and mother 0 None
2009-10-01 Fetal exposure to H1N1 flu can increase risk of heart disease 0 None
2009-10-01 Study reveals that training pediatricians will help reduce early childhood cavities 0 None
2009-10-01 HHS announces grants to help them find eligible uninsured children for Medicaid or CHIP 0 None
2009-10-01 ORBIS' Childhood Blindness Initiative aims to develop 50 pediatric ophthalmology centers across India 0 None
2009-10-01 New research shows link between maternal tobacco use and psychotic symptoms 0 None
2009-10-01 Antidepressant amitriptyline works just as well as placebo for children with gastrointestinal disorders 0 2


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