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2009-03-31 St. Petersburg Times examines decline in antipsychotic drug prescriptions for Florida children 0 None
2009-03-30 Time of conception linked to birth defects in U.S. 0 None
2009-03-30 Childhood obesity may begin in early infancy 0 None
2009-03-29 Don't hold back: five is the right age to start school 1 3
2009-03-29 Genetic variations may determine lung function and susceptibility to maternal smoking 0 None
2009-03-29 Mutations in a gene may stunt lung development in children 0 None
2009-03-24 Link discovered between anesthesia exposure and learning disabilities in children 0 None
2009-03-24 Research provides new perspective on the way kids think 0 5
2009-03-23 Early epilepsy surgery may have a positive impact on babies' brain development 0 None
2009-03-23 Jaundice an unreliable method of predicting the baby's risk of hyperbilirubinemia 0 None
2009-03-23 Iowa Senate approves bill to expand health insurance to more children 0 None
2009-03-22 One in five children have eczema 0 None
2009-03-20 Many parents do not recognize their child as at risk for overweight 0 None
2009-03-20 Hospital newborn child practices strongly impact breastfeeding rates 0 None
2009-03-20 Longer bouts of exercise help prevent childhood obesity 0 None
2009-03-20 Fetal alcohol syndrome testing expands 0 None
2009-03-17 Medical costs for one premature baby could cover a dozen healthy births 0 None
2009-03-16 Combing through a child's wet hair more accurate than visual inspection for identifying active head lice infestation 0 None
2009-03-16 President Obama's insurance for children - shouldn't we at least talk about it?" 0 None
2009-03-16 Research shows strong links between mothers' diets and the health of their children 0 None
2009-03-16 Music lessons help children improve reading skills 0 None
2009-03-15 Children can complete treatment for peanut allergies and achieve long-term tolerance 0 None
2009-03-15 Following the crowd starts very early on, around preschool age 0 5
2009-03-12 Survey explores medical care for children with autism using CAM treatments 0 None
2009-03-11 Children born extremely prematurely at greater of learning difficulties by age 11 0 None
2009-03-11 Therapy through art 0 None
2009-03-11 Perinatal environment influences aggression in children 0 None
2009-03-11 Childhood diarrhoea needs greater research focus 0 None
2009-03-10 City kids may breathe easier in the country 0 None
2009-03-10 Children of older fathers perform less well in a range of cognitive tests during infancy and early childhood 0 None
2009-03-08 Children seriously affected when a parent suffers from depression 0 None
2009-03-05 Detailed diagnosis boosts child cancer survival 0 None
2009-03-05 Seven steps to success for overweight children 0 None
2009-03-04 Almost half of all adolescents suffer low back pain 0 None
2009-03-03 Molecular test for cancer relapse in UK children 0 None
2009-03-03 Multiple childhood maltreatments lead to greater adolescent binge drinking 0 None
2009-03-03 New guidelines for childhood obesity programs 0 None
2009-03-03 TV watching linked to increased risk of asthma 0 None
2009-03-02 Experts still recommend no television under the age of 2 0 None
2009-03-02 Childhood swimming lessons appropriate as part of a comprehensive drowning prevention strategy 0 None
2009-03-02 Children born to women who have low blood levels of vitamin B12 have increased risk for neural tube defects 0 None
2009-03-02 Children reap social benefits from wearing contact lenses instead of glasses 0 5
2009-03-02 Help for children with rheumatic heart disease 0 None
2009-03-02 Educational materials for new mothers may prevent shaken baby syndrome 0 None
2009-03-02 Better diagnosis and treatment of concussions in children 0 None
2009-03-02 Doctors call for change in how non-active tuberculosis in immigrant children treated 0 None


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