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2011-02-28 Treat discomfort not fever say the new pediatric guidelines 0 None
2011-02-28 Tanning age limits set by American Academy of Pediatrics 0 None
2011-02-28 Dialogue with children about healthy habits very important 0 5
2011-02-28 UCH installs GE's CARESCAPE Monitor B850 to enhance clinical decision making in the NICU 0 None
2011-02-28 ABC program greatly reduces asthma-related ED visits in preschool children 0 4
2011-02-28 Scientists identify new pathogen linked to childhood dental disease 0 None
2011-02-25 Well-being in adolescence linked to life satisfaction in adulthood 0 5
2011-02-25 Symposium examines Bruesewitz vs. Wyeth Supreme Court case 0 None
2011-02-25 Maternal fructose intake during pregnancy leads to sex-specific changes in fetal, neonatal endocrinology 0 None
2011-02-25 Study: Low Vitamin D levels can cause allergies in children 0 None
2011-02-24 SPIN program to help mothers produce sufficient breast milk for their premature infants 0 3
2011-02-24 New guidelines recommend routine use of allergy tests to improve quality of care in children 0 None
2011-02-24 Steroid administration may impact immune system in children with asthma 0 None
2011-02-24 Study: Newborn screening for hemoglobin H disease can reduce mortality rate 0 None
2011-02-24 Progeria-derived iPS cells may treat aging-related disease in children 0 None
2011-02-24 Bacteria and fungi may protect against asthma in rural children: Study 0 None
2011-02-23 Mass polio vaccination campaigns in Burma and Sudan 0 None
2011-02-23 New study: Society may value $15 million to prevent death from child maltreatment 0 None
2011-02-23 USC School of Medicine professor to present keynote on prevention of SBS at Texas conference 0 None
2011-02-23 Biochemist receives STAC grant to find treatment for C. albicans infection in premature infants 0 None
2011-02-23 OptumHealth names Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island as Center of Excellence for Neonatal Care 0 None
2011-02-23 Researchers to explore genomes of childhood cancers 0 None
2011-02-23 Study: Hemoglobin A1c is not a reliable test to diagnose diabetes in children 0 None
2011-02-23 Nationwide Children's Hospital joins Autism Speaks ATN to offer patient care 0 None
2011-02-22 Michael & Susan Dell Foundation grants $3.7 million to UTHealth for child obesity prevention, research 0 None
2011-02-22 Noninvasive test to evaluate risk of ASD in infants 0 None
2011-02-22 New community partnership launched to provide free vision care services for Akron-area children 0 None
2011-02-22 Study: Poor park planning linked with young children spending more time in computers, e-games 0 None
2011-02-22 Early appendectomy appears to reduce time away from normal activities in children with appendicitis 0 None
2011-02-22 Red and processed meats – How much to include in diet? 0 None
2011-02-22 BAHA fitting linked with greater benefit and higher quality of life in children with hearing loss 0 None
2011-02-21 Seattle Children's Hospital implements Gemalto's Protiva security solutions 0 None
2011-02-21 Sanofi Pasteur, International Vaccine Institute support Dengue Vaccine Initiative 0 None
2011-02-21 Mater Children's Hospital converts to Masimo rainbow SET Pulse CO-Oximetry technology 0 None
2011-02-21 Proper wound care may treat skin infections effectively than antibiotics in children with MRSA 0 3
2011-02-21 Researchers receive $2 million NIH grant to identify biomarkers in children with hemangiomas 0 None
2011-02-19 Study reports 9,500 injuries, 100 deaths related to crib products in the U.S. 0 None
2011-02-19 New, simple device to detect lung pathogens causing pneumonia 0 None
2011-02-19 Inducing labor is linked with negative outcomes for mother, does not provide benefit to newborn 0 None
2011-02-18 Scientists discover evidence linking brain function variations to birth size, weight of placenta 0 None
2011-02-18 Frequent, potentially avoidable readmissions are major driver of pediatric health care costs 0 None
2011-02-18 Canadian experts to discuss on latest developments in speech research at AASS 0 None
2011-02-18 RAF, Image Gently partner to raise awareness about radiation safety in pediatric imaging 0 None
2011-02-18 Helmets reduce skull fractures in skiers, snowboarders 0 None
2011-02-18 China-Biotics applies 5 new patents for probiotics supplement, preparation 0 None
2011-02-18 Research: Urban children spend more time playing outdoors 0 None
2011-02-17 Astellas' Protopic receives Health Canada approval for prevention of eczema flares 0 5
2011-02-17 PM Pediatrics launches new location in Bayside, Queens 0 None
2011-02-17 Children with chronic health conditions may face increased risk of physical abuse 0 None
2011-02-17 Researchers receive two grants to create diagnostic tool for early detection of childhood mental disorders 0 None
2011-02-17 New study: Latino siblings of children with disability may face risk of negative outcomes 0 None
2011-02-17 Inexpensive drug therapy shows promise in treating premature infants with childhood blindness 0 None
2011-02-16 Researchers develop new DNA test for accurate detection of Turner syndrome in children 0 None
2011-02-16 Children with hip and thigh implants may face risk of bone fractures 0 None
2011-02-16 New research: Children of working mothers more likely to experience health problems 0 None
2011-02-16 Australian pool fencing laws to become unified and standardized 0 None
2011-02-16 The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia establishes Jeffrey Modell Endowed Chair in Pediatric Immunology Research 0 None
2011-02-16 Assessment of child's learning strategies can reveal signs of vision problems 1 None
2011-02-16 Study finds water softener does not provide benefit to children with eczema 0 None
2011-02-16 Mental health of obese children needs primary focus 0 None
2011-02-16 Over 20% of young children with respiratory viral infections will develop middle ear infections 0 1
2011-02-16 Online hub reports children with special needs are victims of nationwide silent epidemic of bullying 0 None
2011-02-16 Majority of parents continue to give OTC cough and cold medicines to children under 2 0 None
2011-02-16 New study confirms effectiveness of inhaled epinephrine to treat croup 0 None
2011-02-16 Temporal artery thermometer measures newborn body temperature more precisely 0 None
2011-02-15 Measurements of hand movement control may help determine severity of ADHD in children 0 None
2011-02-15 Pneumococcal vaccine officially rolled out in Kenya 0 None
2011-02-15 Early signs of cardiovascular disease manifest before onset of puberty in children with diabetes: Study 0 None
2011-02-15 Studies reveal markers for measuring ability of children with ADHD to control impulsive movements 0 None
2011-02-14 Harmful effects of energy drinks on children 0 3.5
2011-02-14 Questcor's pricing issue 0 None
2011-02-14 GW plays key role in NIH's Management of Myelomeningocele Study 0 None
2011-02-14 Positive results from Glenmark's crofelemer Phase 2 study in acute watery diarrhea 0 2
2011-02-14 New checklists to help providers use lowest dose necessary to perform fluoroscopic procedures on children 0 None
2011-02-14 Children with ADHD may have greater risk of developing substance problems in adolescence, adulthood 0 5
2011-02-13 Silent strokes can cause long-term cognitive, learning deficits in children with sickle cell disease 0 None
2011-02-13 Electronic fetal heart rate monitor use lowers infant mortality by 53%: Study 0 None
2011-02-13 A sweet tooth during pregnancy does more harm than good: Study 0 5
2011-02-13 Genetic tests find skeletons like incest in the family: Study 0 4
2011-02-13 Childcare rebates unclaimed by thousands 0 None
2011-02-13 HIV infection in mothers reduces disease resistance in babies: Study 0 None
2011-02-11 Surgical procedure to repair spina bifida while still in the uterus may help the baby walk after birth 0 None
2011-02-11 Study discovers similarities between child soldier trauma in Uganda and children in Northern Ireland 0 None
2011-02-11 Participation in preterm birth prevention clinics reduces risk of recurrent spontaneous preterm births 0 None
2011-02-11 Pyrethroid insecticides linked to delayed mental development in children 0 None
2011-02-11 Despite fetal pulmonary maturity, babies delivered prior to 39 weeks are at risk 0 2
2011-02-11 Seven-year study demonstrates clear benefits of fetal surgery to treat spina bifida in babies 0 None
2011-02-11 Study finds too low drug concentrations used for treatment of children with TB 0 None
2011-02-11 Rite Aid raised $4.9M in funds for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals in 2010 0 None
2011-02-10 Regular exercise improves ability of overweight children to think, do math: Researchers 0 None
2011-02-10 Women with high folic acid levels may impact child's risk of developing asthma 0 None
2011-02-10 Alexion acquires investigational therapy for MoCD Type A ultra-rare genetic disorder from Orphatec 0 None
2011-02-10 DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan receives ABA and ACS Burn Center Verification 0 None
2011-02-10 Breakfast important for teen mothers 0 None
2011-02-10 HIV-negative babies born to HIV-positive mothers have lower antibody levels for some infections, study finds 0 None
2011-02-10 Mg significantly reduces neonatal brain injury linked with maternal inflammation, infection 0 None
2011-02-10 Opinions: Polio vaccines; Alternatives to DDT, insecticides; Food price volatility; Global poverty; Foreign aid for vaccines 0 None
2011-02-09 New study: Fetal surgery for spina bifida greatly improves child's mobility 0 3
2011-02-09 IDF commends Illinois advisory committee for unanimous vote to recommend SCID Newborn Screening 0 None
2011-02-09 Funding too low for paediatric oncology research 0 None
2011-02-09 BreathableBaby's mesh crib bumper offers parents a safer alternative to traditional one 0 None
2011-02-09 Rational use of heath care dollars for tonsillectomy 0 None
2011-02-09 Babies born to HIV-infected mothers have lower antibody levels against bacterial infections 0 5
2011-02-08 Anti-cancer shots for boys in the pipeline 0 None
2011-02-08 ADHD kids often suffer from other mental ailments: Study 0 None
2011-02-08 KONAMI announces physical education program to combat childhood obesity 0 None
2011-02-08 Scientists use fruit flies to study how prenatal alcohol exposure causes FAS 0 None
2011-02-08 Prenatal exposure to coal byproducts can impact early childhood growth 0 None
2011-02-08 Survey finds most hospitals, birthing centers do not routinely screen for congenital heart defects 0 None
2011-02-07 Researchers identify CHK1 protein may serve as treatment target for neuroblastoma 0 None
2011-02-07 Bottle-feeding may lead to severe tooth decay in babies: Experts 0 None
2011-02-07 Mothballs may cause brain damage in babies: Experts 0 3
2011-02-07 Sugary snacks and lax dental hygiene put kids at risk for tooth decay 0 None
2011-02-06 Genomic study identifies link between Native American ancestry, relapse in young leukemia patients 0 None
2011-02-05 FDA approves Makena injection to reduce risk of preterm delivery 0 None
2011-02-05 NFL, NDC, Gen YOUth Foundation collaborate to tackle childhood obesity 0 None
2011-02-05 Henry Schein, supplier partners, ADA to sponsor 'Give Kids A Smile Day' event 0 None
2011-02-05 Safe Kids USA reminds parents to keep children safe from burn injuries 0 None
2011-02-05 Family mealtimes with ABC guidelines can improve quality of life in asthma children 0 None
2011-02-05 Vemma donates over 60,000 bottles of Vemma NEXT to K.I.D.S. 0 5
2011-02-05 New understanding of how host and foreign structures are distinguished by front-line defence mechanism 0 None
2011-02-05 Dermatologists advise parents of young children about atopic dermatitis, food allergies 0 4
2011-02-05 Doctors of Optometry troubled by disregard for vision and eye health needs of children 0 None
2011-02-05 Be R.E.A.D.Y. safety initiative to help reduce tube feeding errors in hospitalized kids 0 None
2011-02-05 March of Dimes appreciates FDA for approving new drug to prevent preterm births 0 None
2011-02-04 Medica Research Institute announces three initial projects in collaboration with University of Minnesota 0 None
2011-02-04 Pediatric neurosurgery patient named Grand Marshal of 2011 Go the Distance fundraising event 0 None
2011-02-04 How body's first line of defence distinguishes between microbes and own structures 0 None
2011-02-04 Maternal care makes baby's brain less vulnerable to stress 0 None
2011-02-04 Research findings show high potential to save neonatal live births in remote settings 0 None
2011-02-04 Over 2 million children gain Medicaid or CHIP coverage during 2010 0 None
2011-02-04 Children's BMI increase linked to more years mothers work 0 None
2011-02-04 Researchers receive NIH grant to develop computer models for pediatric airway problems 0 None
2011-02-04 Kaiser Permanente receives $3 million CDC grant to continue SEARCH study for childhood diabetes 0 None
2011-02-04 UM researchers find genetic cause of retinitis pigmentosa 0 5
2011-02-04 New study finds link between mealtime family interactions and children's health 0 None
2011-02-04 Study finds increased prescription drug abuse among teens 0 None
2011-02-04 Cardiac team implants pulmonary valve in children without open-heart surgery 0 None
2011-02-03 Blood clotting protein could be used as 'biomarker' for mucopolysaccharide diseases 0 None
2011-02-03 IDF commends Florida council for recommending SCID screening for all newborns 0 None
2011-02-03 PanCare Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Survivor Care and Follow-up Studies to kick off in Lund, Sweden 1 4
2011-02-03 Limited school closures ineffective, strain hospital ICUs during epidemics 0 None
2011-02-03 Intermittent use of preventive malaria drugs in children found to help prevent malaria transmission, studies say 0 None
2011-02-03 Virginia Autism Project applauds House for historic bill requiring insurers to cover autism for children 0 None
2011-02-03 Ritalin may help improve brain function in children with iron deficiency 0 None
2011-02-03 African first ladies gather to discuss HIV/AIDS 0 None
2011-02-03 Mothers who lose body fat before pregnancy improve health of children 0 None
2011-02-03 Poor adolescents with strong community get protection from risky health behaviors 0 None
2011-02-02 Uterine health is more relevant for fetus to achieve normal birth weight, full gestation 0 None
2011-02-02 Damaged heart rebuilt with heart stem cells from children with congenital heart disease 0 None
2011-02-02 New state scorecard finds geographic disparities in health insurance coverage for children 0 None
2011-02-02 Bill Gates' annual letter calls for focus on eradicating polio, governments to sustain foreign aid 0 None
2011-02-02 Economists suggest new approach to monitor nutrition, child mortality in developing countries 0 5
2011-02-02 Conference on the Value of Play at Clemson University 0 None
2011-02-02 Tonsillectomy linked to obesity later in life: Study 0 None
2011-02-02 Pregnant women eating baked clay at risk of cancer, kidney damage and brain damage 0 2.7
2011-02-01 Discovery Labs provides expanded update on efforts to gain FDA marketing authorization for Surfaxin in RDS 0 None
2011-02-01 Potential adverse effects of radiations on children's health 0 None
2011-02-01 Bill Gates argues the case for polio eradication and expanded childhood immunization 0 1
2011-02-01 PerkinElmer announces release of 200th umbilical cord blood stem cell unit 0 None
2011-02-01 “Enjoy your food but eat less”: Latest Dietary guidelines 0 4
2011-02-01 High-risk pools, hospital readmissions among health law topics in the news 0 None
2011-02-01 Tonsillectomy increases risk of pediatric obesity 0 2
2011-02-01 U.K., Gates Foundation announce extra funding for global polio eradication as WEF wraps up 0 None
2011-02-01 New study: Swine flu transmission is most intensive between children of same class 0 None
2011-02-01 Lifestyle more closely linked with childhood obesity, than genetics 0 None


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