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2011-03-31 Catheter-related bloodstream infections in children 0 None
2011-03-31 New report examines MSIS feasibility to fulfill requirements outlined in CHIPRA 0 None
2011-03-31 Texas Children's Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine create Texas Children's Center for Global Health 1 None
2011-03-31 First transdisciplinary research center dedicated to identify causes of premature birth 0 None
2011-03-31 ACR releases new guidelines for JA treatment 0 None
2011-03-31 Immunotec, NSU to conduct new research study in children with autism 0 5
2011-03-31 New study suggests link between migraine headaches and PFO in children 0 None
2011-03-30 FDA panel to decide regarding food dyes and hyperactivity 0 None
2011-03-30 Eating disorders - hitting early and hard 0 None
2011-03-30 Facebook depression - a new diagnostic entity 0 None
2011-03-30 Target parents to tackle childhood obesity: Study 0 None
2011-03-30 Chase Foundation donates $2.125 million to UCLA's Child Life program 0 None
2011-03-30 Maternal childhood maltreatment can affect offspring's health 0 None
2011-03-30 Prompt treatment with correct antibiotic may prevent longer hospital stay in children with severe pneumonia 0 5
2011-03-30 Positive results from Vertex VX-770 Phase 3 trial against CF 0 None
2011-03-29 Australian researchers say the search must widen for genes that cause heart defects in babies 0 None
2011-03-29 Study highlights tobacco smoke exposure among babies 0 None
2011-03-29 Brain growth in babies linked to amount of time and energy mothers 'invest' 0 None
2011-03-28 State laws regarding baby blood samples analyzed 0 None
2011-03-28 Inflammatory bowel disease in children - Delays in diagnosis common 0 None
2011-03-28 Consumption of popular pain reliever during pregnancy may put children at increased risk for asthma 1 None
2011-03-28 First open fetal surgery to treat lung malformations performed at Texas Children's Hospital 0 None
2011-03-28 Research: Written action plan with prescriptions can improve asthma control in children 0 None
2011-03-28 Lupus nephritis ESRD study finds increase in incidence rates among children, African Americans 0 None
2011-03-28 Study finds only 1 in 10 children with asthma use traditional inhalers correctly 0 None
2011-03-27 Decline of obesity in pre-school kids: Study 0 None
2011-03-25 Research Roundup: Parents' knowledge of kids' coverage 0 None
2011-03-25 Swallowed button battery can generate electrical current and cause serious tissue damage 0 None
2011-03-25 New Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital 0 None
2011-03-25 Behavioural therapy may benefit children with Tourette syndrome 0 None
2011-03-25 Early intervention and close follow-up can help prevent hearing loss in children 0 None
2011-03-25 Study demonstrates bisphenol A effect on animal embryonic development 0 None
2011-03-25 Children with epilepsy more likely to have psychiatric symptoms 0 None
2011-03-24 Mercury in fish may not increase heart disease risk: Study 0 None
2011-03-24 Mother's gene variation can influence alcohol-related disorders in fetus 0 None
2011-03-24 Iodine 131 exposure during childhood increases risk of developing thyroid cancer 0 None
2011-03-24 Obesity during pregnancy endangers both mother and unborn child, but little being done to address the issue 0 None
2011-03-24 Oral contraceptive use before pregnancy does not pose respiratory problems in children 0 None
2011-03-24 High sugar, high fat diets during pregnancy may cause infants to become junk food junkies 0 None
2011-03-23 New study to provide better diagnoses for children with developmental disorders 0 None
2011-03-23 Death of parents can impact child's health 0 3.3
2011-03-23 Toddlers who played with fewer toys show improvement in communication skills 0 None
2011-03-23 U-M professors recommend certain steps to reach research equipoise 0 None
2011-03-23 Obese teens have inflammation, insulin resistance, and high homocysteine levels despite feeling healthy 0 None
2011-03-23 Mary Bridge, Seattle Children's partner to focus on pediatric cardiac surgery services 0 None
2011-03-23 WHO releases first list of 30 priority medicines for women, children 0 None
2011-03-23 Children have a hard time spotting biased information or exaggerated claims 0 None
2011-03-23 Iron deficiency during pregnancy may impact child's brain development 0 5
2011-03-22 Northwest Russian women breast milk consists of more POPs than Norwegian 0 None
2011-03-22 Britax supports AAP updated guidelines for children riding in car seats 0 None
2011-03-22 Oral desensitization with omalizumab may treat milk allergy in children 0 None
2011-03-22 Telecommunication engineer creates new child arrhythmias database 0 None
2011-03-21 Victoria tackles underage drinking 0 3
2011-03-21 Girls with medical conditions causing short stature go undiagnosed 0 None
2011-03-21 Study identifies gene linked to higher risk of multiple sclerosis in children 0 3
2011-03-21 March of Dimes awards Healthy Babies Healthy Business Seal of Approval to The Children's Hospital in Denver 0 None
2011-03-21 Abbott receives CE-Mark for new qualitative PCR-based HIV-1 test 0 None
2011-03-21 Curemark reaches targeted enrollment in CM-AT Phase III clinical trials for autism 0 None
2011-03-21 Prenatal alcohol exposure another risk for conduct disorder 0 None
2011-03-21 Smoking during pregnancy increases risk of children becoming smokers too 0 None
2011-03-19 African delegates call on countries to do more to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV 0 None
2011-03-19 HRSA report finds only 57% of children in the U.S. have access to medical home 0 None
2011-03-18 Autism Speaks supports ICM-9-CM diagnostic code for ASD detection in children 0 5
2011-03-18 Nutrition experts gather at WHO headquarters to discuss ways to fight malnutrition 0 None
2011-03-18 No supporting data linking bumper pad use to increase in risk of infant death 0 None
2011-03-18 Pilot study shows feasibility of heart screening for risk of SCA in children 0 None
2011-03-18 New information on how best to teach children with hearing loss 0 None
2011-03-17 'Fetus To Fifth Grade' book provides updated research on pregnancy and childcare 0 None
2011-03-17 Special report takes critical look at debates about pediatric problematic moods, behaviors 0 None
2011-03-17 The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia receives $10 million fund to combat childhood obesity 0 None
2011-03-17 Children and youth with IBD have 25% lower aerobic fitness levels 0 None
2011-03-17 Next-generation sequencing can improve infant microbiota 0 None
2011-03-17 CVDW, Dow Corning collaborate to improve vision correction in children 0 None
2011-03-17 New omalizumab medication may reduce seasonal asthma attacks in children 0 None
2011-03-16 TB risk in infants exposed to infected health worker 0 None
2011-03-16 NIFA grants $3.7 million to Temple's CORE for childhood obesity research 0 None
2011-03-16 Advances in imaging ability to discover heart defects in newborns 0 None
2011-03-16 New review finds no link between pacifiers and breastfeeding problems 0 None
2011-03-16 BRAF gene defect leads to pilocytic astrocytoma in children 0 5
2011-03-15 Trend rising for deaths of children in cars and trucks 0 None
2011-03-15 Animal study suggests antioxidants during pregnancy may prevent obesity in offspring 0 None
2011-03-15 New tool can measure brain waves in children with cerebral palsy 0 None
2011-03-15 CCMAS endorses IDF/ISO Guidelines for melamine determination in milk products, infant formula 1 None
2011-03-15 U-M receives NIFA grant to reduce childhood obesity among preschoolers 0 None
2011-03-15 Research: Used instrument can pose dangerous health risk in children 0 None
2011-03-15 New animal model helps define molecular processes that lead to PA 0 None
2011-03-14 Depressed Dads more likely to spank their infants: Study 0 None
2011-03-14 Bonding with mom develops over first few weeks of life in rodent pups 0 None
2011-03-14 Breast fed babies smarter: Study 0 None
2011-03-11 Extra intake of iron may not benefit pregnant women, except when anemic 0 None
2011-03-11 Parents need to talk to kids about eating disorders as early as possible 0 None
2011-03-11 Sec. Clinton launches global partnership to improve maternal, child health 0 None
2011-03-11 Infant formulas with fluoridated water increase risk of discolored teeth: HHS 0 5
2011-03-11 Seattle Children's Hospital inaugurates new dialysis unit 0 None
2011-03-11 Sildenafil helps improve exercise performance in children with congenital heart disease 0 None
2011-03-11 New initiative for pregnant women and newborns in rural settings 0 None
2011-03-10 Iron deficiency during pregnancy may directly impact infant breathing health 0 None
2011-03-10 Preliminary phase I trial results show safety of bone marrow stem cells in children with TBI 0 None
2011-03-10 New book on craniosynostosis 0 None
2011-03-10 New book on issues related to female circumcision 0 3
2011-03-10 New collaborative programme can improve mother and infant nutrition 0 None
2011-03-10 Research: CREBBP mutation may help cancer resist steroid treatment, fuel ALL's return 0 None
2011-03-10 George Hoag Family Foundation awards grant to Cedars-Sinai's COACH for Kids program 0 None
2011-03-10 Mother's poor or inadequate nutrition linked to overeating later in life 0 None
2011-03-10 FDA accepts Tris' Extended Release Carbinoxamine Oral Suspension NDA for allergies in kids 0 None
2011-03-10 Discovery: Children with severe cerebral palsy have starkly asymmetric pelvic bones 0 None
2011-03-09 Camp STAR to offer evidence-based therapy for children with ADHD 0 None
2011-03-09 Study finds passive smoking increases risk of still birth by 23% 0 None
2011-03-09 Oral magnesium oxide is a safe treatment for children with chronic constipation 0 None
2011-03-09 Touro Infirmary implements Centricity Perinatal 0 None
2011-03-09 Autoimmune response mediated by T lymphocytes may play vital role in pathogenesis of biliary atresia 0 None
2011-03-09 Classroom environment impacts children's mental health 0 None
2011-03-08 New discovery in childhood respiratory disease 0 None
2011-03-08 Kellogg partners with Action for Healthy Kids to launch Share Your Breakfast program 0 None
2011-03-08 CPCS to host event on March 21 to explore feeding children in new parenting culture 0 None
2011-03-08 U-M receives Connections for Cardiovascular Health grant to expand 'Project Healthy Schools' 0 None
2011-03-08 New grant for expanding Project Healthy Schools to reduce childhood obesity 0 None
2011-03-08 UNICEF requests $1.4b to assist women, children in humanitarian crises worldwide 0 None
2011-03-08 Study shows that satisfaction of older parents rise with more number of children 0 None
2011-03-08 New screening program to identify children with behavioral, emotional problems 0 1
2011-03-08 Study reveals prevalence of overweight in Sweden schoolchildren 0 None
2011-03-08 UTHealth study: Children with H. pylori infection have lower levels of iron 0 None
2011-03-08 North Shore-LIJ launches new prenatal quality initiative 0 None
2011-03-07 Mother and baby report card for NSW 0 None
2011-03-07 Duchenne Parent Project awards grant to AMT for DMD gene therapy 0 None
2011-03-06 CPCHE launches multi-year project to promote healthier home energy retrofits 0 None
2011-03-05 Researchers explore ways to improve human-computer interaction 0 None
2011-03-05 First Lady to discuss Let's Move! initiative on childhood obesity during NLC Conference 0 None
2011-03-05 Study reports highest rate of exclusive breastfeeding in El Camino Women's Hospital 0 None
2011-03-05 Topamax medication during pregnancy can lead to increased risk of oral birth defects in babies 0 None
2011-03-05 New research into drugs to prevent brain tumours in children wins vital funding 0 None
2011-03-04 Dramatic decrease in CP diagnoses provides evidence of quality of neonatal care 0 None
2011-03-04 Nevirapine reduces HIV transmission risk from mother to breastfeeding infants by 75% 0 None
2011-03-04 Worldwide collaborative project to improve newborn screening accuracy for metabolic disorders 0 5
2011-03-04 Hazardous high concentrations of cadmium found in inexpensive children's jewelry 0 None
2011-03-04 Special issue highlights need for specialist evaluation, conservative treatment of infants with DP 0 None
2011-03-03 Sinovac submits clinical trial application for 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine to China SFDA 0 None
2011-03-03 Baby frozen to correct brain damage at birth makes full recovery 0 4
2011-03-03 Drugs Council says alcohol fundraisers at schools must stop 0 None
2011-03-03 Warwick begins research, training program to reduce pregnant mother, baby death rates in Malawi 0 None
2011-03-03 New study examines boxing injuries among children and adolescents from 1990 to 2008 0 4
2011-03-03 Rates of cerebral palsy decline among children born prematurely 0 5
2011-03-03 Early diagnosis of juvenile idiopathic arthritis critical to avoid disability, deformity 0 None
2011-03-03 International consortium of researchers genetically characterise Spanish Fanconi anaemia patients 0 None
2011-03-03 Children with ASD can benefit from interactive computer program 0 3
2011-03-03 Seven-year study finds Group B strep as main cause of newborn bacterial meningitis 0 None
2011-03-02 Scientists devise new on-line calculator to predict food allergies in children 0 None
2011-03-02 OZ Systems helps TEHDI program to provide latest newborn hearing screening equipment for midwives 0 None
2011-03-02 Physician administered preventive dental program reduces tooth decay treatment among young children 0 None
2011-03-02 Sleep loss have negative impact on neurobehavioral functioning in children with ADHD 0 None
2011-03-02 Good oral health habits begin even before the first baby teeth appear 0 None
2011-03-02 Government Department of BIS awards £28.5 million to UK-wide study of babies and young children 0 None
2011-03-02 Bone marrow stem cell transplantation feasible, safe treatment for children with severe traumatic brain injury 0 5
2011-03-02 New research finds link between genomic variants in neurological processes and autism 0 None
2011-03-02 Researchers discover three genes that contribute to abnormal growth 0 None
2011-03-01 UIC researchers receive USDA grant to reduce obesity in preschool children 0 None
2011-03-01 $1 million USDA grant aims to reduce obesity in preschoolers 0 None
2011-03-01 San Diego Hospice is California's first provider of unique children care program 0 None
2011-03-01 International conference to address pediatric congenital cataract treatment in New York City 0 None
2011-03-01 New research reveals how maternal antibodies block immune response to measles virus 0 None
2011-03-01 Cummings School granted U.S. Patent for antibody-based treatment against Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome 0 None
2011-03-01 Infant feeding policy requires major overhaul 0 None
2011-03-01 HCI creates Pediatric Cancer Late Effects Clinic to help manage long-term issues of treatment 0 None


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