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2012-03-31 Autism rate soars to 1 in 88 children 1 None
2012-03-31 U.S. suspends resumed food aid to North Korea 0 None
2012-03-31 Johns Hopkins Hospital's new home to open on May 1 0 None
2012-03-31 FDA releases two draft guidance documents to help fight tobacco epidemic 0 None
2012-03-31 India's success against polio is promising step in defeating disease worldwide 0 None
2012-03-31 Starvation during childhood may increase risk of heart complications 0 None
2012-03-31 Differentiating between sneezing due to cold and allergies 0 3
2012-03-31 Revitalized Stop Bullying website 0 None
2012-03-31 Prenatal, early childhood mechanisms are potential intervention targets for asthma prevention 0 5
2012-03-31 Diagnostic inflation of ADHD 0 None
2012-03-30 Needle-free vaccine shows promise against RSV in children 0 None
2012-03-30 Birth weight may identify future metabolic risks in girls 0 None
2012-03-30 Ozone can trigger severe violent breathing attacks in many people 0 2
2012-03-30 ASD more prevalent among New Jersey children: CDC 0 None
2012-03-30 Demand for dentist anesthesiologists in pediatric dental practices is on the rise 1 None
2012-03-30 Elective induction more likely to result in complicated pregnancy 0 None
2012-03-30 Lung function changes linked with asthma occur very early in life 0 None
2012-03-30 Drexel experts available to comment on new CDC study on autism prevalence 0 None
2012-03-30 New CDC data shows increase in prevalence of autism in U.S. children 1 None
2012-03-30 Autism Speaks calls for the development of national action plan 0 None
2012-03-30 Study: 1 in 88 U.S. children have an autism spectrum disorder 0 None
2012-03-29 New technique could restore fertility of boys undergoing cancer treatment 0 None
2012-03-29 UTHealth, PLx Pharma to test phosphatidylcholine-enriched version of indomethacin in PDA model 0 None
2012-03-29 Sun damage revealed by UV photographs show skin cancer risk 1 None
2012-03-29 Increasing incidences of brain tumours calls for more spend on vital research 0 None
2012-03-29 FDA clears BD MAX assay for detecting GBS DNA in Lim Broth cultures 0 None
2012-03-29 Amerigroup announces successful efforts at preventing premature births 0 None
2012-03-29 Scientists explore number of strategies to prevent anesthesia-induced injury in infants 0 None
2012-03-29 MiR-375 regulates IL-13-induced changes in allergic diseases 0 None
2012-03-29 iSonea launches post-market study of WheezoMeter device for pediatric asthma 0 None
2012-03-29 Chromosomal abnormality in children with ependymoma linked with poorer chance of survival 0 None
2012-03-28 Greater out-of-pocket asthma medication costs associated with frequent hospitalizations among children 0 None
2012-03-28 Rationality of infants has been overstated, finds study 0 None
2012-03-28 Local air pollution may explain neighborhood differences in rates of childhood asthma 0 None
2012-03-28 Study examines link between lab-tested drugs and defective protein that causes CF 0 None
2012-03-28 CSEP develops two guidelines to improve health and activity levels of infants, toddlers 0 None
2012-03-28 Insecurity threatening success of West, Central African mass polio vaccination campaign 0 None
2012-03-28 Pakistan's draft bill that would punish parents for not vaccinating children 'misses the mark' 0 None
2012-03-28 Simple genetic test could help predict aggressiveness of rhabdomyosarcoma tumours 0 None
2012-03-28 Researchers demonstrate how to use eye-tracking in children with ASD 0 None
2012-03-27 Surfaxin receives FDA approval for prevention of RDS in premature infants 0 None
2012-03-27 MedImmune receives FDA approval for FluMist Quadrivalent vaccine 0 None
2012-03-27 New analytical method predicts maturity in premature infants 0 None
2012-03-27 Ten warning signs of ASD or other communication disorders 0 None
2012-03-27 Obese youths with particular genetic variants may be more prone to fatty liver disease 0 None
2012-03-27 Children with ASD more frequently to be bullied 0 None
2012-03-27 First study to explore differential gender effects of secondhand smoke exposure 0 None
2012-03-27 Parents of pediatric cancer patients prefer personal consultations over online sources 0 None
2012-03-27 Defects in schizophrenia-risk genes and environmental stress lead to abnormal brain development 0 None
2012-03-26 Time for no-fault vaccination compensation 0 None
2012-03-26 Early growth predicts strength of the hip bone in childhood 0 None
2012-03-26 More than 10 CNMC pediatric cardiologists to present at ACC conference 0 None
2012-03-26 New IVIG trial can reduce OCD symptoms in children with PANDAS 2 None
2012-03-23 Slight drop in infant, child, maternal mortality indicators for Africa, report says 0 None
2012-03-23 Weight loss does not improve self-esteem in obese teen girls 0 None
2012-03-23 Obese children with PNPLA3 and GCKR genetic variants more susceptible to fatty liver disease 0 None
2012-03-23 Uppsala University researchers identify promising biomarkers for ASD 0 None
2012-03-23 Investigators identify proteins that may indicate fetus at risk for UTI-induced prematurity 0 1
2012-03-23 Prenatal PAH exposure can lead to behavioral problems in children 0 None
2012-03-23 U.N.-backed campaign aims to vaccinate 111M children in 20 countries against polio over 4 days 0 None
2012-03-23 Emergent receives NIAID grant to advance development of MVA85A TB vaccine 0 None
2012-03-22 Physicians preferred over online sources for information by parents of pediatric cancer patients 0 None
2012-03-22 Study identifies ROS in the gaseous phase of cigarette smoke 0 None
2012-03-22 Study shows how brain function differs in children with math anxiety 0 None
2012-03-22 VOA News examines polio eradication efforts in Pakistan 0 None
2012-03-22 Drexel experts available to comment for news stories about autism 0 None
2012-03-22 LSHTM professor receives Canada Gairdner Global Health Award 0 None
2012-03-22 Urban children more likely to be smokers 0 None
2012-03-22 Advances in Neuroimmune Biology explores maternal-fetal interactions 0 None
2012-03-22 TGA clears Bioline's illumigene Group B Streptococcus test 0 1
2012-03-21 Whooping cough outbreak despite vaccination 0 5
2012-03-21 Reducing children's sugary beverage intake may help manage obesity 0 None
2012-03-21 Excluded from WHO targets, children at risk of being forgotten in global NCD agenda 0 None
2012-03-21 Top scientific experts publish new TB vaccine Blueprint 0 None
2012-03-21 CNN examines nodding disease among children in Northern Uganda 0 None
2012-03-21 New way to accurately test for peanut allergy 0 None
2012-03-21 Majority of adults do not support legislation that addresses youth sexting 0 None
2012-03-21 Drexel University to establish nation's first autism center 0 None
2012-03-21 Babies fed on demand associated with higher IQ scores 0 None
2012-03-20 Sharp rise recorded in cases of new strain of whooping cough: New genotype may be evading vaccine’s protective effects 0 None
2012-03-20 Feeding babies on demand improves their IQ: Study 0 5
2012-03-20 “Meth” babies more at risk of behavioral problems: Study 0 None
2012-03-20 PROLOR commences hGH-CTP Phase II trial in children with GHD 0 None
2012-03-20 Pediatricians' unconscious racial bias may affect pain medication decisions 0 None
2012-03-20 More than 1M children under age 5 at risk of malnutrition in Sahel, UNICEF warns 0 None
2012-03-20 Former premature infants to celebrate 25th anniversary of LUHS' NICU on March 20 0 None
2012-03-20 Winnie Palmer Hospital plans to expand neonatal intensive care unit 0 None
2012-03-20 Disruptions in immune system regulation may play a role in NEC 0 None
2012-03-20 New three-step process for DMD newborn screening 0 None
2012-03-20 ADHD diagnosis on the rise among American children 0 None
2012-03-19 Americans not adhering to the 7 healthy heart recommendations 0 None
2012-03-19 Highmark Healthy High 5 initiative benefits Pennsylvania children 0 None
2012-03-19 Eating salmon benefits pregnant women and their babies 0 None
2012-03-19 Largest ever academic-industry research project to find new drugs for ASD 0 None
2012-03-19 Paper describes results of BMT in models of Rett Syndrome 0 3
2012-03-17 Tiny Tim may have suffered from rickets and TB 0 None
2012-03-17 ACEP urges public to learn how to prevent poison during 50th anniversary of NPPW 0 None
2012-03-17 Results from AspenBio Pharma's AppyScore trial on appendicitis to be presented at SAEM meeting 0 None
2012-03-17 Extremely contagious RSV virus can lead to serious illness in young children 0 5
2012-03-17 Infants' faces evoke species-specific patterns of brain activity in adults 0 None
2012-03-16 Food-insecure mothers more likely to develop obesity 0 None
2012-03-16 Less than 2% of low-income moms meet their own goals for breastfeeding duration 1 None
2012-03-16 New textbook about child and adolescent behavioral health, primary care 0 None
2012-03-16 Childhood passive smoke exposure doubles risk of COPD in adulthood 0 None
2012-03-16 ARV given to HIV-positive children boosts preventive power of key malaria drug, study shows 0 None
2012-03-16 CDC takes critical step to reinvigorate fight against tobacco use 0 None
2012-03-16 Combination therapy may improve life span and motor function of infants with Batten disease 0 None
2012-03-16 Teen pregnancies increasing in Philippines because of lack of services, reproductive health information, experts say 0 1
2012-03-16 Exposure to radiation from cell phones during pregnancy affects brain development of offspring 0 None
2012-03-15 Back pain and school children's backpacks 0 None
2012-03-15 Lose weight to help your child lose weight 0 None
2012-03-15 Qualitative interview study of infant feeding experiences: Idealism meets realism 0 None
2012-03-15 S.D. allows insurers to deny some kids coverage, Mo. won't be persuaded to start health exchange 0 None
2012-03-15 NCH to expand outpatient methadone education program 0 None
2012-03-15 Ob-gyns play a major role in reducing effects of toxic chemicals on women and babies 0 None
2012-03-15 Low-carb, reduced glycemic load and portion-controlled diets effective for obese children 0 None
2012-03-14 Scientists grow rudimentary retina structure from blood cells 0 4.5
2012-03-14 AACN awards $50,000 Impact Research Grant to Duke nursing professor 0 None
2012-03-14 BMJ examines mother-to-mother peer educational initiative 0 None
2012-03-14 Consistent gains in five-year survival for children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia 0 None
2012-03-14 Developmental differences in brain network function found in children of parents with schizophrenia 0 None
2012-03-14 Misconception that syphilis has 'disappeared' presents major impediment to preventing infant deaths 0 None
2012-03-14 Earlier start of micronutrient supplementation better for pregnant women and the unborn child 1 None
2012-03-14 Drive to make school nurses more accessible and confidential: UK 0 None
2012-03-13 Swaddling babies tight could lead to hip problems 0 None
2012-03-13 Many premature infants continue to receive iNO during NICU stay 0 None
2012-03-13 Many children with Crohn's disease and IBD benefit from ImproveCareNow 0 None
2012-03-13 Recent studies aim to find better treatment for children with speech problems 0 None
2012-03-13 Tweens decidedly ambivalent toward cigarettes and alcohol 0 None
2012-03-13 Parental exposure to solvents may increase risk of ASD in children 0 None
2012-03-13 Study finds decline in number of stair-related injuries among young children 0 None
2012-03-12 Pfizer’s Prevnar 13 Phase 3 study for pneumococcal disease meets all study endpoints 0 None
2012-03-12 Top-line results from Inviragen's INV21 Phase 1 trial on HFMD 0 None
2012-03-12 Researchers identify genetic signature for eosinophilic esophagitis 0 None
2012-03-12 Many children with life limiting conditions have been underestimated 0 None
2012-03-12 New insight into causes of childhood pneumonia 0 None
2012-03-12 First study to document potential effects of cancer on young children's development 0 None
2012-03-12 One in three 13 year olds are binge drinking: Study 0 None
2012-03-12 APTA honors Women & Infants physical therapist with Elizabeth Noble Award 0 None
2012-03-11 Pink slime to make its way into school lunches: Debate ensues 0 5
2012-03-11 Tobacco use among the youth should stop: Surgeon General’s Report 0 None
2012-03-11 Methylphenidate may affect learning and memory in children with ADHD 0 None
2012-03-09 Women exposed to SSRIs during pregnancy are less likely to initiate breastfeeding 0 None
2012-03-09 Challenges to achieving an AIDS-free generation 0 None
2012-03-09 Maternal obesity may contribute to cognitive impairment in extremely premature babies 0 None
2012-03-08 Exposure to MSS could help reduce cardiorespiratory events in preterm infants 0 None
2012-03-08 Scientists believe that ageing can be programmed in the womb 0 None
2012-03-08 Ugandan government draws up response plan to combat 'nodding disease' 0 None
2012-03-08 Progress made in talks with North Korea regarding food aid, U.S. envoys say 0 None
2012-03-08 Scientists identify 2,000 important genes linked to singing 0 None
2012-03-08 Study: Lack of newborn care-seeking in low and middle-income countries 0 None
2012-03-08 Children with autism look away from faces when thinking 0 None
2012-03-08 Scientists focus on genes linked with autism spectrum disorders 0 None
2012-03-08 Doctors identify promising new treatment for hypophosphatasia 0 None
2012-03-08 Journalists can now register for Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting 0 None
2012-03-08 March issue of NeuroPerspective reviews therapeutics for ADHD 0 5
2012-03-08 First 'theranostic' agent for treatment of ALL 0 None
2012-03-07 New FDA approved drug to treat infants with respiratory distress syndrome 0 None
2012-03-07 Yemen to launch measles vaccination campaign after increase in number of cases, deaths 0 None
2012-03-07 Mild TBI may increase risk of postconcussive symptoms in children 0 None
2012-03-07 Concussion in kids may lead to memory and cognitive problems at school later in life 0 None
2012-03-06 FDA approves Discovery Labs' SURFAXIN to prevent Respiratory Distress Syndrome 0 None
2012-03-06 Study evaluates link between genetic and environmental factors and risk of drug abuse 0 None
2012-03-06 SSRIs appear to reduce depressive symptoms, fetal head growth during pregnancy 0 None
2012-03-06 Children's academic achievement test scores not affected by intrauterine drug exposure 0 None
2012-03-06 T-cells can develop in human tonsils 0 None
2012-03-06 Young children more likely to be diagnosed and treated for ADHD 0 None
2012-03-06 Persistent postconcussion symptoms more likely in children with TBIs 0 None
2012-03-06 Dysfunctional family environment increases genetic risk for drug abuse 0 3
2012-03-06 Butler Hospital expands Outpatient Psychiatric Consultation Program 0 None
2012-03-06 ADHD medication use more prevalent among school-age children 0 None
2012-03-05 Snoring toddlers may develop behavioural problems later: Study 0 None
2012-03-05 Vitamin D in pre-teen girls protects from stress fractures and bone injuries: Study 0 None
2012-03-05 Antidepressants in pregnancy: weighing benefits and risks 0 None
2012-03-05 Asthma first aid charts launched 0 None
2012-03-05 Innovative telemedicine program connects neonatal specialists to treat tiniest, difficult cases 0 None
2012-03-05 IRIN examines pilot project to increase ORS coverage for treatment of child diarrhea 0 None
2012-03-05 Young children with SDB more likely to develop neurobehavioral problems 0 None
2012-03-04 Home-food intake may reduce risk of obesity in children 0 None
2012-03-04 Premature by 2 to 3 weeks may raise risk for health issues: Study 0 5
2012-03-03 IPS examines gender discrimination, disparity in child mortality in India 0 None
2012-03-03 Obstetricians heavily influenced by family preferences during periviable counseling 0 None
2012-03-03 Consensus across studies promises to enhance NIH-supported asthma clinical research 0 None
2012-03-03 New outcome measures may reduce disparities in children with asthma 0 None
2012-03-03 New pharma code expands guidelines for interactions with health care providers 0 None
2012-03-03 VOA examines constitutional debate in Nigeria over government's right to require polio vaccination 0 None
2012-03-03 Prenatal home screening and remediation prevent childhood lead poisoning 0 None
2012-03-03 Sachs says he is 'eager for challenge' of World Bank presidency 0 None
2012-03-03 Survivors of cancer in childhood have higher risk of infertility in later life 0 None
2012-03-03 NGOs welcome announcement of U.S., North Korean nuclear arms agreement that could bring food aid to nation 0 None
2012-03-03 New breakthrough in early mammalian embryo development 0 None
2012-03-03 REST molecule acts as an adapter in stem cells, times neuronal development 0 None
2012-03-03 Critical new details about structure of enterovirus 71 0 None
2012-03-02 AHRQ grants U-M $2.5M to study long-term health outcomes and cost-effectiveness of newborn screening 0 None
2012-03-02 Ten symptoms and signs that a child may need a doctor 0 None
2012-03-02 Novel way to promote vegetable consumption in children 0 None
2012-03-02 Researchers discover critical placental niche cell and signaling pathway 0 None
2012-03-02 Leicester study to focus on impact of food-based culture on children's life 0 None
2012-03-02 Ga. House passes bill restricting abortion to limit fetal pain 0 None
2012-03-02 March issue of WHO Bulletin available online 0 None
2012-03-02 Review highlights potential strategies for treatment of Down syndrome, AD 0 None
2012-03-02 The health law and the states 0 None
2012-03-02 Insight into why some children develop myopia 0 None
2012-03-02 Inexpensive test, treatment for syphilis could save nearly 1M infants annually 0 None
2012-03-02 Study shows decline in obesity rates among California school children 0 None
2012-03-01 Children consuming too much sugar: Report 0 None
2012-03-01 Gaining culturally appropriate knowledge can help provide more effective healthcare 0 None
2012-03-01 IOM report identifies options that could further improve information obtained from pediatric studies 0 None
2012-03-01 Montreal intern joins WHO Africa to fight Noma, a face eating disease 0 5
2012-03-01 U-M summit to focus on shortage of medical technologies for children 0 None
2012-03-01 Gluten-free, casein-free diet more effective in improving ASD behaviors and symptoms 2 None
2012-03-01 New prebiotic formula helps colonize newborn's gut with beneficial bacteria 0 None
2012-03-01 Pregnant women and oral health 0 None
2012-03-01 Study focuses on genetic markers in the diagnosis of autism 0 None
2012-03-01 Scientists discover new way to measure success rate of IVF embryos 0 None


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