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2005-10-27 Video game prepares health workers for disasters 0 None
2005-10-27 Spire Corporation awarded grant to develop nanophase calcium phosphate coatings 0 None
2005-10-25 Two competing drug-eluting stents work equally well 0 None
2005-10-25 Single blast of ultrasound destroys cancer cells 0 5
2005-10-24 Electronic medical records ideal for clinical trial recruitment 0 None
2005-10-23 New device offers potential for accurate and reliable monitoring of brain oxygenation during cardiac surgeries 0 None
2005-10-19 FDA warns against acid-reflux treatment Enteryx 0 None
2005-10-18 Cutting-edge research to develop this range of next-generation biomedical devices 0 None
2005-10-17 New type of silicone gel breast implant 0 None
2005-10-17 Approval sought in the U.S. for 20 minute home HIV test 0 None
2005-10-13 4D ecography for the diagnosis of prenatal cardiopathy 0 None
2005-10-12 Microfluidics can be used successfully for IVF in mice 0 None
2005-10-11 Glucose test device for diabetics that does not involve pricking the finger 2 None
2005-10-10 CT colonography best choice for regular screening for cancer 0 None
2005-10-05 Cost-effectiveness of potentially life-saving implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) is an important public health issue 0 None
2005-10-04 New digital angiography flat panel system reduces the radiation dose to patients undergoing interventional treatment for liver cancer 0 None
2005-10-03 Organosilicon compounds help improve lithium battery technology 0 None
2005-10-03 MRI may better enable physicians to plan care for infants with heart defects 0 None


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