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2008-09-30 New test for rapid detection of influenza 0 None
2008-09-30 $2.5 billion to modernize U.S. health IT systems 0 None
2008-09-30 Innovative technology to improve colon cancer prevention 0 None
2008-09-28 No blood needed thanks to non-invasive blood monitoring device 0 None
2008-09-23 New technology to analyse human cells 0 None
2008-09-23 New tool for 'right first time' drug manufacture 0 None
2008-09-22 Medicare Part B premiums in 2009 will not increase for most beneficiaries 0 None
2008-09-22 Senate hearing discusses recommendations for increased regulations on direct-to-consumer ads for medical devices 0 None
2008-09-21 New kinds of optical sensors make MRI scans safer 0 None
2008-09-21 SOLX receives FDA clearance for new glaucoma laser 0 None
2008-09-17 Dollar-sized medical device provides injured military skydiver with pain relief 0 None
2008-09-16 Carbon nanotube coating improves electrical stimulation therapy used for Parkinson's, depression, chronic pain 0 None
2008-09-16 Webcam technology helps Arizona hospitals better communicate with non-English-speaking patients 0 None
2008-09-15 Vicor Technologies announces publication of positive results in study conducted in collaboration with U.S. Army 0 None
2008-09-15 Inovio Biomedical achieves 75% complete response rate in preclinical testing of DNA-based cancer vaccine using its electroporation DNA delivery system 0 None
2008-09-14 BioServe introduces customizable DNA panels for genetic research 0 None
2008-09-11 Accelr8 announces publication of study on OptiChem bio-coatings 0 None
2008-09-11 Rep. Stark prepared to introduce legislation this week to spur nationwide adoption of electronic health records 0 None
2008-09-10 Broad coalition of industry, not-for-profit groups push for passage of health IT legislation 0 None
2008-09-09 ThermoGenesis announces distribution agreement for bone marrow stem cell device 0 None
2008-09-08 World's first hand-held ultrasound imaging device 1 None
2008-09-08 New coating for urinary catheters reduce infection risk 0 None
2008-09-07 Coated lenses set to reduce 'post-op' infections for cataract patients 0 None
2008-09-07 Dental fillings without gaps 0 None
2008-09-07 Computerized reminder system drove up colon cancer screening rates 0 None
2008-09-05 FDA approves DNA test to measure hepatitis B viral load 0 None
2008-09-04 FDA approves Medtronic software update that will help detect fractures in cardiac defibrillator leads 0 None
2008-09-03 A home early warning system for cardiac patients 0 None
2008-09-03 Innovative mobile dental service offers help to those struggling to find dental care 1 1
2008-09-03 New software promises to reduce bottlenecks in emergency departments 0 None
2008-09-02 First patient enrolled in study evaluating S.M.A.R.T. Nitinol self-expandable stent 0 None
2008-09-01 Robotic navigation systems in electrophysiology 0 None
2008-09-01 New generation drug-eluting stent demonstrates equivalent efficacy to market leader in 'real world' 0 None


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